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Critique my build!
Brisbane, Queensland
4487 posts
A mate has asked me to put together a system for him and this is what I'm currently looking at for him:

Asus GF GTX650 DirectCU Edition PCI-E 3.0 1GB 192-bit DDR5 $125.00
Asus P8Z77-V-LK $149.00
Antec NSK4000B-II $62.50
OCZ ModXstream Pro 700W $89.00
Intel Core i5 3570K LGA1155 $235.00
OCZ 128G Vertex 4 Series SSD $125.00
Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) CML16GX3M2A1600C10 $109.00

Total $993.50

His max budget is $1100 but this needs to include a copy of windows.

Was thinking of dropping the ram to:
Corsair 8GB (1x8GB) Vengeance CMZ8GX3M1A1600C9 $55.00

in favour of:
Asus GF GTX660 TI DirectCU II OC Edition $349.00

Total $1064.50

I think he might be able to stretch that little bit more if it's worth it to him? These are Umart prices as I'm a Umart only shopper so don't go quoting me MSY prices etc.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
22355 posts
OCZ SSD? I know a good philosophy with storage devices is to treat them like they can fail at any time, but with an OCZ this really needs to be strictly adhered to.
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Brisbane, Queensland
35276 posts
all looks fine to me.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7500 posts
Friends don't let friends buy OCZ SSDs.

Instead get any SSD from Samsung, Intel or Crucial.
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Brisbane, Queensland
65 posts
I have the 660GTX but gigabyte, I'd recommend it over the ram imo.

Always add ram later when he skips having a night out ;)

Otherwise good good =)
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Brisbane, Queensland
4488 posts
Yeah I was thinking the 8gb would be enough although he now tells me he can stretch a bit more so will be getting the 16gb AND the video card.

SSDs are still new territory for me, still haven't got myself one yet so yeah. Will get something similar in one of the other suggested brands. Thanks guys.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2817 posts
just installed a samsung 840 series 128gb on the weekend in my i5 machine. 17 second cold boots to login and a silent case apart from the low hum of the 2 fans. welcome to 2011 i suppose
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Brisbane, Queensland
3835 posts
Friends computer 'blew up' so I priced him a new computer which is just like that one, except an Intel ssd. Worked really well. For one month. Then it blew. I went around, maybe his power is dodgy or something. His floor was three foot high with rubbish, rotting food, s***. A million c***roaches were crawling around the lounge room. C***roaches were nesting in his computer. There were three fridges in the front yard, crawling with c***roaches, rotting food, blown up from c***roaches. Clothes piled up in the laundry, wet and unwashed. A blown deep freezer with the food still in it. S*** on the toilet walls. A wet doona on the bathroom floor covered in mold. Kids drawing all over the walls. He move in like four months ago. I grabbed my brother, masks, cleaning s*** and a ute and cleanerdthe entire house with him. Dump runs, scrubbing, c***roach spray, mouse traps, everything. Spotless. A month later I drop in to give him a hand with something. House is back to 'f***ed'. What can I do to help him? Docs will probably be involved shortly because they have missed three weeks of school out of five. Presented to school in filthy, unwashed clothes, no socks, headlice, covered in boils, etc. Single father of three, obviously bnt coping.

Oh yeah, I'd probably go other than ozc myself.
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2344 posts
mmmm older ocz had problems but with the later drives they are just as good as any other brand. I have never had a problem with either of my ocz drives.

google any brand they all have their own problems.
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Brisbane, Queensland
818 posts
^ Da f**?
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Brisbane, Queensland
16738 posts
i've had an OCZ SSD for a couple years now and i've had no problems with it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2818 posts
DK: his mate is having problems and mental is predicting the dept of child services will soon be up ins like a robber's dog.

he looks the other way on OCZ ssd's though
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Brisbane, Queensland
21495 posts
I bought an M4 128gig on the say so of the ausgamers gurus, couldn't be happier. I really want one for my laptop but I can't justify the price of a 500+ gig SSD
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Brisbane, Queensland
6452 posts
OCZ SSD? I know a good philosophy with storage devices is to treat them like they can fail at any time, but with an OCZ this really needs to be strictly adhered to.
First thing is first, update the firmware on this stupid thing.

The latest firmware is pretty reliable (so far). But the initial firmware had problems that the octane drives had: if you PC booted too fast (fastboot enabled bios) then the drive just simply wouldn't be detected.

I'd get the 840 from samsung if you wanna have something similar priced?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
22357 posts
i've had an OCZ SSD for a couple years now and i've had no problems with it.
There are plenty of stories from people of them not failing but like all anecdotal evidence it can be misleading. My parents whacked an OCZ in their media PC and I haven't had any frantic calls about their PC failing yet. However OCZs definitely fail at a high rate and they should be avoided pheer the ocz
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2345 posts
well considering this instead of a coughed up google search it is clear that ocz are almost on par with corsair cruical and kingston, the only clear leader is intel. They really are not as bad as you make them out to be fpot.

Failure Rates
Intel 0,59%
Corsair 2,17%
Crucial 2,25%
Kingston 2,39%
OCZ 2,93%

Also note that info is from 2010, I can only imagine now this will be lower.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
22361 posts
Who is to say those figures haven't drastically changed in the last three years? Three years is an eternity in the PC hardware world.

Look, an OCZ isn't going to explode and blow up your house or anything, but SSDs that are more reliable aren't much more expensive. It's just general hardware forum advice take it or leave it :P
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Brisbane, Queensland
7502 posts
ocz are almost on par with corsair cruical and kingston
Also note that info is from 2010

Yes, from 2010 when not much long-term data about reliability was available, as the drives were only just getting popular. At this time, enthusiasts with too much money in their wallets (remember, SSDs were fairly expensive around this time) were raving on about how their newly purchased Vertex 2s were super-fast, while downplaying stability issues.

Fast-forward to a year later (late 2011) when the stability issues could no longer be ignored:

- Intel 0.1% (as against 0.3%)
- Crucial 0.8% (as against 1.9%)
- Corsair 2.9% (as against 2.7%)
- OCZ 4.2% (as against 3.5%)


- 9.14% OCZ Vertex 2 240 GB
- 8.61% OCZ Agility 2 120 GB
- 7.27% OCZ Agility 2 40 GB
- 6.20% OCZ Agility 2 60 GB
- 5.83% Corsair Force 80 GB
- 5.31% OCZ Agility 2 90 GB
- 5.31% OCZ Vertex 2 100 GB
- 5.04% OCZ Agility 2 3.5" 120 GB
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2568 posts
I realise they're relatively new to the game so there wouldn't be as much data on reliability, but just out of interest does anyone know how Samsung SSDs compare?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3818 posts
I got a Sandisk 240gb SSD. It is fantastic.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3797 posts
go 8gb of ram, and get the 660,

also, still think the hate on OCZ is a little misplaced, they had some issue but my vertex 2 is still going strong and that was an early build

guess it is all down to the batch you get, that said I would most likely go intel for my next drive
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Melbourne, Victoria
7719 posts
If you have to shy away from OCZ as an SSD, I've been plenty happy with my SanDisk. However, I also have three OCZ Vertex SSDs, and all have had no hiccups.
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Melbourne, Victoria
354 posts
iv also heard the sandisk ssds are the bomb these days cheap fast and dont break down when new firmware sets come out
10:32am 05/03/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6453 posts
I've had many bad experiences with OCZ but i've talked about them to death, i've also maintained that 100% of those before the drive dies, is fixable with firmware and i've never had the ones with up to date firmwares fail.

I've had 1 vertex 4 die, and 3 octanes die. We proved to CA in house, that repeated fail-boots causes the disc to die while the stupid returns guy was adamant that the two we were returning were our fault because noone else has this issue.

I showed him a 17 page thread on the OCZ forums and the symptoms leading eventually to the drive never being detected again. Stupid.

SO yeah, some of the rage against OCZ is pretty dead on.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10841 posts
Critique my build!

You're skinny like a little chinese girl
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Brisbane, Queensland
35282 posts
i fixed all my of ocz issues with firmware updates.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8666 posts
OCZ's killed my mother. But in all seriousness I have a 60GB Vertex 2 I think, still running fine and has been for a good three years now. I do however have an Intel 160GB model which I use for my OS, would probably recommend that over the OCZ.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2291 posts
If you are going to get an OCZ SSD get an agility 3 or 4. Much more reliable than the vertex series.
I have had only 1 failure of the Agilty's out of around 100 whereas the vertex 2's and vertex 2 plus's I have at least 10 die after 1 month out of about 20.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3836 posts
I have an Intel ssd, works really well and seems to be going strong, only six months or so old though.

He hasn't sent his girls to school the last two days because 'it has been too wet to wash their uniforms'. He hasn't run the school and has near four weeks of unexplained absences this year. The school will notify centrelink and then something might happen, surely?
04:38pm 05/03/13 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
1954 posts
haha, holy s*** mental. this thread turned awesome pretty quick.
05:11pm 05/03/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3837 posts
I wouldn't say awesome, i'd say sad and troubling, he loves his kids, but is lazy, has no routine, and can't cope. I don't know how I can help him, maybe child services will help him without taking his kids away?
06:12pm 05/03/13 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
1956 posts
Doubt it. sounds like he needs to have one of those generic long hard think sessions.

oh btw, I don't recommend OCZ.
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