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Quick product recommendation - backlit wired keyboard
Gold Coast, Queensland
22320 posts
I want wired so I don't have to worry about batteries. I am wanting it to be pretty damn basic so none of that mechanical stuff please unless it really is that much better and you absolutely swear by it and I'd be an idiot not to get one.


edit: also, looking for a good online store located in Australia to buy it from.
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Brisbane, Queensland
91 posts
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Gold Coast, Queensland
22321 posts
Thanks dude, seems to fit my requirements perfectly. Thread over!

edit: thanks to you as well, you may have just saved me $10 :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
21476 posts
If it uses the same backlighting as the G19, it's s***house. Some of the keys on my G19 don't light up properly, some of them are darker or brighter than the others. Definitely not worth the price you pay for logitech s***.
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Brisbane, Queensland
817 posts
Microsoft x4. Can be had for 30 dolras
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Brisbane, Queensland
3437 posts
Had my G15 for maybe 5 years now. Still awesome. Can get the screen free version fro cheaper (i think it was the one already recommended). My brother also has had the screen free one for close to 5 years without issue.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
22324 posts
I've read some reviews and they were all glowing (kekekeke).

Looking forward to finally having a backlit keyboard. I type with two fingers so when it's dark in Arma 3 I gotta know where those keys are.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21479 posts
more like gotta know where the mute button is in the dark, watching porn
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Gold Coast, Queensland
22325 posts
That too.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3290 posts
why no clicky keyboard?
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Brisbane, Queensland
17869 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
4187 posts
Pretty stoked with the razer blackwidow ultimate 2013 I just bought; not cheap though
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Brisbane, Queensland
3293 posts
^^ I would recommend as well, hence the "why no clicky" comment. Such an awesome keyboard. Biggest downsides are noise and cost. I recommend trying one out if you can, you will be a convert!
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Melbourne, Victoria
13927 posts
Logitech K310 washable

Not backlit, but still awesome

Or this one:

(Couple of pretty ordinary reviews on that one)

How wrong-town does this pic look?
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Brisbane, Queensland
6445 posts
you can wash almost any non-mechanical keyboard if you just pull it apart, separate the layers wipe them all down and then let them dry before putting it together.

I've had a g11 keyboard at home since 2004, im using it right now, but it's a little s*** now, some keys are sticky and even though i've cleaned it fully (like i said above) just some keys are more tough to press than others. I use my pinky finger in sc2 a lot and having a tough key which doesn't get pressed because i've not put enough force into it sucks balls. I don't really think it's that great a board, but it has lasted. I thought the G1-18 keys would be easily programmable, but the easiest way to do that is to have them replicate another existing keys and aren't themselves unique keys. I wanted to be able to bind them to stuff, but you pretty much have to configure them to represent keys you'd never use in a game and then go into the game and bind them.

I thought it would be perfect for WC3 where you have 6 inventory slots and you need to use items and the default bind for those inventory slots in game is basically the numpad, in the end i think i just bound it all to alt 1-6 on the g11.

I work with a g15 keyboard, it's also been around for close to a decade.

I now have a steelseries 6gv2 for gaming and it weighs twice what my logitech does so i'm hoping it lasts about as long, 9 years would be acceptable.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8805 posts
I have a Razer Deathstalker - pretty basic, backlit and nice to use.

I approve.
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4563 posts
I love my slim line Logitech backlit keyboard. Have had it for years and its never missed a beat. Realy quite as well, not like those chunky s*** looking old style keyboards.

I dont know if you can still buy these though. F*****g brilliant keyboard. I hope it never dies.
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Sydney, New South Wales
1951 posts
My g15 is still going strong. It's an ugly f***** and I have no need for macro keys or the screen but it's been dropped from the table numerous times and has held up fine.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
5743 posts
+1 for the backlit keyboard ET posted. I had one a while ago and it was boss until it came into contact with a fatal dose of coffee spillage.
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1158 posts
Currently have a Logitech G510 and its been going well. I don't need a new keyboard but I really just want one. It's hard to justify the getting a new one when I have the G510 and another 2 keyboards I can use as backups.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19570 posts
I have the exact same keyboard ET and I am struggling to find it for sale. It is not on Logitech's site.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7498 posts
I've got ET's logitech one next to me. Not a bad keyboard.

I also have the sister product, which is their solar keyboard:

I know you said you preferred wired, but with this one you don't need to worry about charge as long as you have some level of ambient light coming through a window at some stage of the day (don't need direct sunlight at all). At night time my ceiling light emanates enough photons to keep the charge too ...

(though for heavy gaming I would stick to wired)
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Gold Coast, Queensland
22338 posts
I grabbed the one in the first post. It is pretty much perfect for me. I love chunky keyboards, I love chunky keyboards, it's backlit and it doesn't have a while bunch of shmancy features I don't want.

Officeworks didn't have any though so I ordered it online.

edit: and I love chunky keyboards.
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