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Video Card Recommendation #2135124512
Brisbane, Queensland
6364 posts
Been quite some time since i'v looked at a video card as i'm still using my old ATI 4870.

Wanting to make the switch back to Nvidia but stuck on which brand to go for.

I've always been an asus user but not sure if they're still a top brand to purchase for video cards but i'm using a asus pz877v-pro mobo.

I do some gaming but i'm not into it as much as I use to be, just every now and then.

Is the 670 worth all the extra money over a 660?

I don't need all the special OC models and all that.

Appreciate the help.

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Brisbane, Queensland
6309 posts
OC models are tentatively the best bang for buck, usually no more expensive than non-oc models. Rather, reference from nvidia says something like 650/1800 and someone reputable will try and upsell theirs over the others, at an equal price, at 700/1850 etc instead.

Whether you do a little gaming or a lot of gaming really doesn't matter, the question is, when you do game, how much do you value playing the game as intended? Do you want something that makes the game run as expected as something pretty OK or do you like it the few free moments to yourself to be a little higher quality or do you just give no real care about the look of the game?

670 would be worth it if you don't want the hassle of SLi any time in the future, but from guessing from your stance, unless you elaborate, 660ti is going to be fine.

evga is pretty good imo. i've had both brilliant and frustrating gigabyte gpu's, my 580's sli are so much better than my 470's sli. Both were the same style 3fan cooler on a gigabyte video card, but the 470's overheated pretty badly when shoved together.. the plain better 580 just produced a lot less heat.

I'd say overall gigabyte haven't done anything bad though, evga too i've had good experience with.

People love gainward, i'm not sure, i haven't tested any since the mx400 or something.
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Sydney, New South Wales
1887 posts
Gainward gets my vote, last two cards I've had have been unreal. Previously owned Gigabyte and they kept s***ting themselves. Can't speak for asus.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1484 posts
Random thought:

Given that new consoles are most likely going to come out this year, and a lot of these games will also run on the PC (seeing console exclusives are pretty much boned at this point), there is going to be a big jump in graphics need in games coming out in 12 months. Therefore its probably worth throwing some cash at it if you want to stay up to date. Alternatively, get a cheap card for the moment, then upgrade again in 12 months when we really know what the PC has to keep up with console wise.

That (220$) is running Far Cry 3 at 1920x1280 with everything on at a playable framerate. So yeah, I wouldn't bother going all out at the moment. Especially with the crazy new engines being shown for the next console generation.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6367 posts
Simul, i'm not after the latest and greatest thing that's just going to be released. A 670 would last me 4-5years before I would have to upgrade again. But cheers, I didn't think about buying from overseas.

Skythra, no need for SLI as I'm not that hardcore into gaming or processing power. When I play games I like to enjoy them but machine will be used a bit more for photo processing. But having that extra bit of graphics power wouldn't hurt if I do decide to start up a GPU thirsty game.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1351 posts
I recently upgraded to a 7950, cost about $300 runs everything at nose bleed speeds. Only downside is its f*****g long. Even in my P180 case I had to take out the middle HDD bay to accomodate it.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1373 posts
Last nVidia card I used was the glorious 8800GT.

I'm kicking about in triple monitor gaming-land after I upgraded to a Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition.
It's the most money I've ever spent on a single piece of computer hardware (was $699 when I bought it) and I'm still, 2-3 years on, happily using it.

That being said, if you're willing/happy to stick with the ATi side of the fence, the 7870 represents some awesome bang for your buck with low voltage and temperature overheads, it's sure to be a f*****g reliable card.

I solidly vouch for Sapphire too, this card runs at 90+ degrees under load, and whilst it's only really been 'hot' [Read: mid to high 30's with some decent levels of humidity] in the ACT in the past fortnight, it is eating up s*** like Far Cry 3 at 5760x1200.

... Far Cry 3 at 1920x1280 ...

Err, I'mma assume that's a typo, that or one WEIRD monitor.

That's an interesting take on 'why to upgrade' simul.
I certainly don't agree with the logic.

In the past 3 or so years, dx 11 has settled in and become the norm, and until dx12 arrives I see no reason to bust a nut upgrading, there are some strongly performing video cards for a very not strong price point; and until there is another 'class' [read: new video cards being made for new feature-sets] of video card I see no reason to throw big dollars at it.
(Especially if you're saving a few pennies to buy into the next gen of consoles.... assuming there's a good reason to buy into them...)
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Brisbane, Queensland
3665 posts
my last two have been gainward, i'm currently running a gtx570 and loving it, it might pump out the heat, but the card runs cool
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Brisbane, Queensland
3935 posts
never had a problem with my eVGA 570 since i got it a while ago, seem like a really reliable brand.
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2278 posts,3107-7.html

if you can find a 5970, they are the bst bang for buck these days but only downside is they are loud.
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edit: i can not edit my post to fix that link so here it is:

Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart
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Perth, Western Australia
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Gainward and ASUS. That said, the Inno3D iChill GTX series screams quality and would be my first choice. All are OC'd and can really hold their own (the 670 can do 60fps at 2560x1600 in Metro 2033).

iChill GTX670 Review

iChill GTX680 Review

iChill GTX680 Watercooled Review
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1813 posts
I'm spec'ing a Micro ATX small form factor PC at the moment.

I'll probably go with the NVidia 2GB 670, the difference between it and the 680 appears to be marginal so the 670 is better choice for budget. Also it seems sufficiently beasty to do all games at max settings and last at least 2-3 years.

The 660 Ti has good reports and can do solid gaming at mid to high settings (not max), but the performance gap between it and the 670 is significant, which puts it in a poor spot for the next 1-2 years and may mean a sooner upgrade.

This is based on my scan reads of reviews and forum critiques.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1485 posts
Simul, i'm not after the latest and greatest thing that's just going to be released. A 670 would last me 4-5years before I would have to upgrade again. But cheers, I didn't think about buying from overseas.

Check shipping first to be sure, but it usually works out well for me, though I'm usually in the US when I buy and cart it back (declaring it of course).

... Far Cry 3 at 1920x1280 ...

Err, I'mma assume that's a typo, that or one WEIRD monitor.

Yes typo, 1920x1080

That's an interesting take on 'why to upgrade' simul.
I certainly don't agree with the logic.

Thats fine, my thoughts are speculation, it just seems like games haven't improved that much in terms of fidelity due to the long console cycle. My point is that I would be wary jumping in before knowing whats coming up in 12 months (the last 5 years have been fairly predictable). Pre-PS3/360 console cycles upgrading every 2nd release was common (Voodoo>TNT2>Geforce 2>Geforce 4 etc), where as lately I haven't seen to upgrade nearly as much.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1375 posts
...due to the long console cycle...

I can appreciate where you're coming from, however the PC Hardware developments don't really have much of anything to do with console cycles. (Remember here, Consoles are 'downstream' in terms of hardware development, not vice versa).

DX11 was the last real class change in Video processing. And it's that same logic that dictates that anyone buying video cards 'to last 2-3 years' would be bitterly disappointed should the next DX suddenly appear, and then be taken up by the greater gaming community.

Of course, all of the above is only based on my observations (in the event that 'imo' needed to be typed with this post) of Gaming hardware developments over the past 5-6 generations of hardware.
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Melbourne, Victoria
554 posts reckons ASUS and Gigabyte.

rabb1t reckons EVGA

My vote is ASUS GTX 670 DCU][ for putting the cooler more on the circuit board.
GTX 660 if you're not willing to shell out the clams, but it will get the job done.
Not sure about EVGA's return policy but read somewhere else it covers the world over for RMA'd. Wish I could find the reference.

Budget Winner: ASUS GTX 560 Ti. Which is what I use currently in SLI. Going to be going Ivy Bridge this year. Still haven't decided on GTX 670 or GTX 680 and also tempted to try and water cool the whole system.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I have an ATI 5870 HD available in good working order if you want that for $100
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Brisbane, Queensland
6311 posts
My vote is against asus video cards. Personally i'd recommend EVGA Gigabyte and then Gainward in that order, puely based on my personal experience :).

I've had mx200 mx400 ti4200 6600 8800 9800 9800x2 (that sli on one card) 470(2xSli) 580(2xSli) so i've been through a few different brands.

Oddly i'm impartial sometimes to some of the no-name ones like inno3d and PoV. I also had lots of success with leadtek somehow.

Anyway most of the time you can't avoid the always present chance of getting a faulty card. It's just pretty unlikely you should get one. Most cards these days when they're worse brands just can't clock as far due to heat or something rather than being bad.

I'm also an nvidia fanboy, i had 2 ati cards and neither of them made me happy. But they were so long ago it's not even worth talking about. I stick with nvidia because it's comfortable no CCC and lower heat (my 580's ingame are like 58c, which is only important if you consider fan noise).
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Gold Coast, Queensland
2076 posts
I'd just like to point out that #2135124512 is wrong. I believe, if you check the facts, that it is actually #2135124511.
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