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Power-points at 200mm.
Melbourne, Victoria
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I thought you guys might get a laugh out of this. As some of you know, I'm currently building a house. okay, I lie - I'm not so much building it as having it build for me. Hell, I wouldn't know which end of a power tool to hold.

So when snooping around the other day, I noticed something odd in the master bedroom.

This is what it says on the building plans:

Annnd this is what they installed.

Uhh... say what now?

It's pretty clear that the power points are at 200mm, so we'll just assume that top one is supposed to be a CAT6 point, but, uhh... why on earth would I want an ethernet port sitting half-way up a wall?

There's a few other similar screw-ups - anyone seen stuff this bad themselves?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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You've been using qgl this long and still don't know how to post an image?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Yes I have lots to say on this topic, but I'll have to go digging up photos.

By the way that seems like a behind-the-bedhead-switch for your 2-way light
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Light switch??
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Brisbane, Queensland
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In most of the houses I lived in, in England the power points were high up on the wall, I prefer it.
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Nerf Lord
Brisbane, Queensland
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This is why I only ever build my own houses, can't trust other people to do it these days.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Oh you're quite right, so in actual fact they haven't put the second ethernet or power point in yet.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Ask them, you are paying them a spastic amount to build it. Make sure it is built the way you want. I'm sure you know that though.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Building a house? Don't watch Holmes on Homes!
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Wynnum, Queensland
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Like someone said, looks like the other 2 way switch.

They probably have it correct, just the wiring for the room is only 10% done. Like my father always says, only women and idiots comment on a job half done. Nothing wrong with asking the question though when you are paying that much money.
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Perth, Western Australia
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I would be more concerned about the wall and door frame which is in the photo but not in the design you have shown.
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Some Fat Bastard
Brisbane, Queensland
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Whereabouts north, east, south or west are you building and why did you pick that area? Just curious what people look for and what are options nowadays is all.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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This is not mine, but when I was having problems with a builder someone sent this to me:
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Brisbane, Queensland
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in my bedroom i have power plug on the ground like usual and one up high like yours its perfect for me. As its right behind my monitor and i normally plug my iphone charger or other chargers there, its a quick and easy powerpoint to reach and change over without me needing to go on my hands and knees under the desk :)
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Raven, go and get the electricians to install some power points with USB plugs - like this. If I was rewiring or building a house I'd be doing this in at at least the computer room and the bit on the kitchen bench where everyone dumps their s***.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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It works both ways thermite. I've seen drawings come down looking like a f*****g two year old went to town on them, and they were the final draft.

however, that example is plain awesome :)
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Wynnum, Queensland
2951 posts
Try deciphering landscape drawings. 90% of the time the species abbreviations, don't match the plant schedule. 100% of the time the numbers are incorrect compared with the schedule.
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6065 posts
Ask them

How was this not your default course of action as opposed to asking a gaming forum? You're paying them for a reason.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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I would be more concerned about the wall and door frame which is in the photo but not in the design you have shown.

Heh yeah that was my first thought too but the angles don't line up - looks like something leaning against the wall there?
It makes the cut out sections in the photo look like they're in a small alcove.
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Heh yeah that was my first thought too but the angles don't line up - looks like something leaning against the wall there?It makes the cut out sections in the photo look like they're in a small alcove.

The door and door frame are in the plan. The angle in the photo just makes it look f*****g weird though.

If you go to the original drawing you can see where it says "2 way" the door turning point is just the left of it (the quarter circle) while the wall turns under that. This is what you are seeing in the photo.
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Horizontal switch plates are kind of s*** looking if that's what it's meant to be.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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If that was for the 2 way switch it should cut out differently and have the long way striaght up and down not horizontal.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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On another note, WTF is going on? That's two replies now I've added to this thread and QGL has just eaten ;(
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Le sigh. So it appears it's accepting replies when I post from ausgamers, but if I reply from QGL it gives me ..l. and sends my post to /dev/null ;(


Doh, I wrote a reply about the extra doors and location, maybe I forgot to click 'submit'.

The doors you see there you might notice are not on their hinges. They've been taken off so they can be painted, as can the skirting.

As for location - it's out in Craigieburn. The location is purely down to what I could afford. Another $50,000 for the same thing would let you build in Greenvale, 6km/10min closer to the city :(
There were three main locations I considered - Craigieburn (two estates), Tarneit and Cranbourne.
I currently live in Ferntree Gully, which is about an 85 minute commute any way you do it. Cranbourne would have been a longer commute, though it would be better for cycling and closer to MTB trails.
Tarneit is definitely closer to the city, but like Greenvale, I would have to settle for a much smaller place in the same price bracket.

Ultimately Craigieburn was the only place that gave a good balance of "yeah, your generation are getting f***ed up the ass with house prices" and "yay for not quite being 3 hours a day commuting" :(

FWIW, to buy an equivalent place in Ferntree Gully where I current live would cost about $100,000 more.
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Melbourne, Victoria
8408 posts

I currently live in Ferntree Gully

I'm in Olinda, look up and wave!
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