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Your broken, yet functional, devices.
Brisbane, Queensland
21108 posts
What old broken s*** (that still works) are you too much of a tightass to part with? This is my ipod, it has no battery, the screen is unreadable, the "lock" switch is missing and this mo'fuqa still accepts songs and plays them when supplied an external power supply either by computer or my car stereo.

How did it get this way? High speed impact with a brick wall. Case is still in workable condition, if I bought a battery & screen off ebay I'm sure the thing would return to full functionality but meh, cbf. Most hilarious part is when itunes tells me the battery is at 100%. Yeah, 100% missing.
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Brisbane, Queensland
34904 posts
lolz, an ipod.

that said, my mp3 player (creative stone) has a busted screen and i keep using it.

check this out whoop, i can plug my creative device straight into my pc and transfer files to it using windows explorer.

how you like me now?
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Brisbane, Queensland
1726 posts
I have a couple broken xbox 360s. they can probably be fixed to make functional, just the standard rlod issue.. free to anyone who wants to pick them up.

also an original xbox (and hacked with xbmc) if anyone wants for a low price. I think I bought it from acetame on here yearssss ago.
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Brisbane, Queensland
15558 posts
My computer takes 10 sometimes 15 minutes to boot into windows, I avoid turning it off because of this fact, original install date for windows Vista is first quarter of 2008

My car also can take upward of 10 attempts to start it because the starter motor doesn't always mesh with the ring gear to turn the engine over.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10437 posts
I'm not even going to start listing them
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Brisbane, Queensland
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36645 posts
Yeh I have stacks. I have an old Gen 2 iPod with a busted HDD that I just can't bring myself to throw away - just thinking "oh I'll get it fixed on day and then it'll be awesome", like I'll ever have a use for it again.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1718 posts
I bought two computers from umart and put them together at around the same time about 3 years ago. Parts keep failing in both computers but I've managed to salvage working parts from both and made one perfectly fine working media computer and it plays all my media just fine! It's making funny noises from time to time but we'll worry about that later haha.
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Brisbane, Queensland
20503 posts
A few years ago I needed a desktop microphone for my PC, so I duct taped an empty coke can to my desk, then jammed a USB mic from Guitar Hero into the top and used that. Worked suprisingly well!
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Brisbane, Queensland
1479 posts
check this out whoop, i can plug my creative device straight into my pc and transfer files to it using windows explorer.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1480 posts
My Nokia Lumia 920.

Utterly broken, yet partly functional (minus lack of apps) before it silently crashes without notice.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5688 posts
My phone. If I could take apicture of my HTC desire using my phone I would show you guys.

It was dropped (more like thrown) hard on concrete, smashed screen from two different opposite points (top left and bottom right). Touch screen still works after nearly 3 years of being smashed (3 months into contract). I continue to use it as punishment for being a s*** head.
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Melbourne, Victoria
8404 posts
Too much.. way too much. HDDs, CPUs, Motherboards, RAM, Phones, etc. I'd easily throw it away if there was a specific electronic waste part at the local tip or somewhere I could go to drop it off for recycling as throwing it into landfill seems wrong.
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Brisbane, Queensland
749 posts
It was my SSD but got it working now, but another HDD you can see all the files on it but not open any. My SSD was working for 1 hr only then it would crash, turns out its some developer thing when it reaches 5184 hrs use. It crashes/reboots every hour to let you know it needs a driver update, but it does so with out any messages, I found out on a random forum while looking for a diagnostics tool for it.

SSD fully functional again, other HDD rooted.
Also have a set of headphones that work but zap your ears every now and again.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2229 posts
My shoes. Some people say it look unprofessional but people tend to tip more when I dress like a hobo.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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My shoes. Some people say it look unprofessional but people tend to tip more when I dress like a hobo.

Next day, everybody goes to work dressed like a hobo.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2359 posts
Have since purchased new shoes. Bought 2 pairs because a) they were on special b) because I don't really want to be looking like a hobo again.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6373 posts
JVC 68cm CRT TV (speakers dont work) - 12 years old
iRiver mp3 player (reboots itself at random)- 7 years old
WHirlpool fridge (leaks water)- 12 years old
Sunbeam electric kettle (electronic whistle doesn't work) - 13 years old
Flymo Electric Mower(catcher flap held together with duct tape) - 5 yrs old
Sony VCR (plays ok but doesn't record very well) - 18 years old
Nilfisk vacuum cleaner (bag flap held together with duct tape) - 18 yrs old
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Brisbane, Queensland
2516 posts
check this out whoop, i can plug my creative device straight into my pc and transfer files to it using windows explorer.

Worth more than the golf clap from Men At Work. When it comes down to it, this basic functionality will always be anything Apple's downfall. Technology is meant to be convenient. Itunes is not.

I have 2 Samsung S2's. The USB doesn't work on one, and the USB is the only thing that works on the other.
You do the math.
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Central Coast, New South Wales
789 posts
My mum ran over her samsung flip phone (some pink thing she got on a contract) with her Mazda 3.

Screen cracked, but the thing worked fine otherwise.
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Brisbane, Queensland
35785 posts
my fan in the computer room lost two of its legs, so i just lean it up against the wall, works fine!
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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I use a 600mm steel ruler to open my washing machine, I did have a piece of fishing line rigged up to pull open the lock but it broke. I couldn't be arsed taking the door off again so I just popped the lock with the ruler and to my delight I found this to be any easier and much more effective opening device.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3221 posts
once upon a time i had beautiful shiny cherry red one walkman, before battery technology minification or just plain old pcb electronics miniaturization revolutionized the form factor of the product line. just as mobile telephony tech has minified as the process manufacturing tech has gotten better at reducing input<>output ratio and hence material wastage. with the added bonus of keeping manufacturing costs down and profits above running at a loss for the factory boss's so they can pay their worker's i would imagine.

can't find an image of the specific model, so here's a duck. oh and it's promoting the idea of the waterproofing of the gadget with the 'like water off a duck's back' metaphor. just in case you decide to specifically pacific solution that thing

identifying with this would probably qualify you as having a healthy tech obsession
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Brisbane, Queensland
2186 posts
my fan in the computer room lost two of its legs

similar - my fan has all its legs, but had high speed impact with the floor. took the safety cage off it and it blows like a motherf*****.

take the cage off your fans, give the middle finger to health and safety!
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Melbourne, Victoria
8035 posts
I wonder what the maximum size HDD/CF card I could put in a iPod Mini would be.
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Perth, Western Australia
307 posts
My clubsport, fan belt has a persistent sqeek when cold. F*****g s***ting me and I have replaced the belt yet it continues.
Quick spray of silicone and it's gone but ffs next time I start its back.
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