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Places that do soldering / hot air rework?
Brisbane, Queensland
3803 posts
I have to get this done:

Anyone know who can do it or where to go?

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Brisbane, Queensland
8106 posts
There are a few joints in Brisbane that do that

Ontrack Data Recovery @ West End (won't be cheap)
Another new place in the CBD that started up about 12 months ago, can't recall their name sorry

Finally, if you're game (out of other options), speak to Dave M @ CA (Comp Alliance).

He does this sort of of thing as a hobby (not endorsed by CA). You would need to speak with him directly and come to some sort of arrangement... You can tell him Hermi said to ask.

He showed me how to replace diodes on HDD and I've seen him replace the odd component to get a monitor working. Actually have an old 19" BenQ that the backlight died on about a month out of warranty (as that model was notorius for), again, he replaced a cap or a diode, got it working again and it still works about 5 years later.. It's one of my test monitors now.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1359 posts
christ, that's gotta be one of the dodgiest 'repair' vids I've seen in a loooong time.

SURELY this is a temporary fix (literally with the hopes of recoving whatever precious data there is on that disk).
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Townsville, Queensland
1695 posts
Aren't board swaps easier for just a temporary recovery?
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Brisbane, Queensland
296 posts
My understanding is that was a board swap job, but the ROM chip is unique to the drive (and its individual characteristics), hence swapping that onto the new board.

I don't really see what was wrong with that vid mike. Using alfoil to shield other components is usually a good idea with hot air and I would have used flux, cleaned the pads and resoldered the chip with an iron and fresh solder, but there's nothing wrong with that technique. The result probably meets IPC standards too.

I can recommend crystalaid manufacture at newstead. I used to work there a few years ago. I got a dodgy gpu bga on my laptop reflowed last year with great success. Probably not going to be one of the cheaper ways of replacing a soic-8 IC though. Maybe they might do it for cash/beer because it's a simple job.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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What hard drive brand and model is it?
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Brisbane, Queensland
9817 posts
I'll happily take your money to do it shrapse, then give it to DaveM @ CA to do and pocket the difference... and half your legendary pr0n collection

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Brisbane, Queensland
3804 posts
Thanks for the help guys, I'll try and contact Dave M and see if he can help me out. Sorry koopz, pron collection no longer exists!
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Brisbane, Queensland
2225 posts
What are you trying to do or fix?
If it is a PCB for a HDD you can usually get new ones and flashed firmware to the revision that suits the HDD. Usually costs around $200
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Brisbane, Queensland
13240 posts
You could try and hit up the Tech staff at QUT Electrical Engineering department. Give a carton or something I rekon.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3009 posts
If you still can't find anyone to do it after a month or so, try giving these guys a yell HSBNE (disclosure: I'm a member of HSBNE). They have the gear to do it, but are in the middle of moving premises at the moment.
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Brisbane, Queensland
966 posts
I have all the tools required to do that if you want to give it a bash yourself :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Just swap the board.

I don't think the bios is that locked...

Usually what happens is people can't find the exact same HDD so they can't just swap perfectly.

I've broken diodes on a board before, gone and got a spare hdd, swapped the boards over and it worked flawlessly. The idea being only purely data recovery nothing more.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3805 posts
I've got a new board for the drive however it requires the bios rom to be transferred, wasn't lucky enough to get away with a direct board swap :(
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Rockhampton, Queensland
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Your local TV/Phone repair shop may help.

Note:Some older drives have the same basic information on two PCB boards of the same model, provided that both drives were made at about the same time, before more unique adaptives were programmed into the next line of drives. If one of the PCBs fails, there is some chance of making a recovery by simply swapping the boards of the two drives. However, hard drives have contained "customized" firmware on at least an occasional basis since they've become a consumer product, so the chances of a straight "board swap" working are low. So in most cases you also need to move the old PCB's BIOS to the replacement one.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3808 posts
Ended up driving past a local place called Seq Electronics and they did it for 20bux, drive now works! I have one very happy friend who had every photo of his 4 kids stored on the drive with no backup whatsoever.
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