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Which HDMI Cable To Buy
Brisbane, Queensland
7947 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
7204 posts
Also make sure you have your volume and channel on odd numbers:

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Gold Coast, Queensland
4910 posts
Oh and while your at it better pick up 1 of those new $22,000 88" ultra HD tvs which can display images higher than blu-ray can handle. All you gotta do is go to korea to pick 1 up.
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Brisbane, Queensland
949 posts
It doesn't even have Ethernet

get one of these
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Gold Coast, Queensland
889 posts
lol @ reviews:

What's great about it: Almost better than virtual reality.
What's not so great: It's a little too long for my setup, but hey maybe I'll use that extra foot someday.
This HDMI cable is beyond words. I have a 27" 720p Westinghouse, but with this cable I get the visual clarity of a 65" 1080p Bravia. I'm pretty sure the cable bumped up my refresh rate to 240hz because my TV now looks more real than real life. For a couple hundred bucks more I could have gotten the 65.6' cable from AudioQuest, but that's a joke compared to this beauty of a 2 footer. Who needs more than 2 feet anyways? It's not like anyone keeps their PS3/BluRay player that far fom their TV.
Immediately upon it's arrival, I watched "Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2," my favorite movie ever, and nearly fell off my couch with the astonishing detail of the babies faces. The black levels on this are so intense they suck all the light in my house into themselves, and the whites and colors are so vivid that I can't handle watching my TV for more than 16 hours lest my eyes burn away.
I've heard about people being cheap and buying HDMI cables in the range of $10-$20, and every single one of them that I know has been severely disappointed with the sub-par quality. If you're a cinefile and audiophile, don't settle for less. Buy something that's going to last you and make all your friends envy your high quality picture and sound. $935 really isn't all that much to spend for a cable. Think about it, you could get a laptop, a PS3, and 10 BluRays with that money or you could get the most incredible cable you've ever experienced to make all those things pop out of your TV and speakers immersing you in an escape from reality worthy of a Holodeck. Support Best Buy by buying this cable so that this retailer is around forever to fairly and with our best interests in mind aid us all in our computer issues and retail purchasing!
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Brisbane, Queensland
12968 posts
That has the time travel feature doesn't it?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3103 posts
so, is this better than a monster cable then?
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Brisbane, Queensland
306 posts
Ahaha that review is great. Reminds me when Denon had a 1m ethernet cable for $500. There was some great reviews for that aswell.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3444 posts
For a longer one:


AudioQuest Diamond HDMI Cable 16m

02:39pm 23/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10087 posts
what is the legality of this sort of thing?

Like if I get a kettle cord for a computer and spray paint it silver so that it's faster and gives the computer more power, that's legit right, no court appearances?

02:43pm 23/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3105 posts
thermite, if your claims of faster speed use the word "may" I think you're covered

then making a review from a "consumer" is mealy voicing an option so, you'd be fine
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Brisbane, Queensland
8597 posts
Ooooooh that is a good buy.

Shame I don't need one right now :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
6021 posts
thermite, if your claims of faster speed use the word "may" I think you're coveredthen making a review from a "consumer" is mealy voicing an option so, you'd be fine

Red travels fastest, the lightwave that is, through a medium like air, etc. In a vacuum they're all the same.

So he must paint it red and then mention the colour makes it fast and try to hide it under looking like chinese wrote it :)

But he can defend himself in court that he meant the colour was visible quicker to the eye.
05:03pm 23/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
20470 posts
Also make sure you have your volume and channel on odd numbers:


Better or not, there's actually a difference because of the way the electronic components work together. Like when you aim a camera at a TV and fiddle with the shutter speed, at certain points you'll see a bar appear to move upward, sometimes it'll seem to move down, and when you hit the sweet spots it'll vanish leaving a clear picture.

Same with the "golden fps" in video games that allows you to jump just that little bit higher.

It's all to do with multiples of something or other. Fibonacci s***.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4072 posts
From the OP's link:

Get connected with this high-speed HDMI cable that features HD polyethylene composition to ensure critical signal-pair geometry and a Dielectric-Bias System that reduces distortion. The 100% Perfect-Surface Silver conductors improve signal clarity.
Entirely legal, none of the claims written sound false.

(Using entirely madeup numbers) A regular might deliver 95% "clarity", while this one might do 99%. HDMI as a digital standard can handle transmission errors and re-send still resulting in 100% of the data being received, so you dont actually need the improved signal quality. So what they state in that blurb is presumedly completely true - just completely unimportant.

Its just like digital free-to-air TV - once you cross a certain threshold of signal strength you get a pixel-perfect picture - ie, an exact replication of what the television network has broadcast. At that point, you could install a whiz-bang antenna but there's no point, as you are already getting 100% of the decoded data.
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Brisbane, Queensland
20477 posts
Entirely legal, none of the claims written sound false.
unless the conductors aren't 100% perfect. I'd examine it under a microscope the minute I got it home to make sure.
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