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PC rental around Brisbane - any advice?
Brisbane, Queensland
2516 posts
Did a quick search but not sure this has come up before.

I'm taking 2 weeks off from work and I'm thinking of flying out to visit a friend. I'd like to have a gaming machine at my disposal for the duration but am struggling to justify the expense of transporting my fairly bulky desktop machine (or alternately, buying something more mobile just for this trip).

I've been looking around and I've come across a few places that offer short term rental services, although I haven't got a quote from any of them yet so I don't know what the costs would be like. Most of them tend to be vague about the specs as well (which is never good) even if they offer "gaming machines" as a rental option.

I figure I can just take up a portable hard disk with any data I need (steam folder and whatnot) and put it on the rented box until I'm done with it. Since the flight is probably gonna come up to at least $350 or $400 dollars return I figure renting a machine for another $100 or something is probably the simplest and most economical way to go.

I was wondering if any ausgamers folks have had good or bad experiences renting machines, or could recommend any particular businesses? Any pitfalls I should keep in mind or the like? I did a quick search but didn't come across any previous thread topics.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10035 posts
You're flying to Brisbane and want to hire a computer here? This isn't clear.

Got nothing better to do for 2 weeks than stuff around with some hired equipment?

You want to carry a hard drive through the airport?

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Brisbane, Queensland
5980 posts
I've heard they're called "Net cafe's" and you can find them in populated areas.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2517 posts
Yes I'm interesting in hiring a computer for around 2 weeks from somewhere in Brisbane to allow me to play games while I'm up there. Sorry this wasn't clear from the title/post body.

This seemed to be a logical conclusion after evaluating my current options. Air freight costs for bringing along my tower+24" alone are likely to cost as much as the rental fee would though I guess that might vary.

I think hiring a spot in a netcafe would probably end up costing more than renting a machine considering the amount of time I'm likely to be spending on it (NetCafes can have other downsides too, from my limited experience with them) although I appreciate the suggestion.

I haven't dealt with short term rental machines much nor with the companies that provide them and was wondering if anyone on AG had some experience in this area.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10036 posts
Seems like $10-$25 a week is the going rate

if you're lucky someone here could lend you one, but it might be too much trouble

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Brisbane, Queensland
7591 posts
Thermite, pretty sure they're ALL long term "rentals"
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Brisbane, Queensland
20436 posts
you seriously haven't seen the adverts all over tv for mr rental?
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Brisbane, Queensland
10313 posts
short term PC rentals - that's an interesting business concept
usually industries don't exist because there's either no market for them or no profit in them
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2108 posts
2 weeks and you need a gaming pc? what game will you most likely be playing?
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Brisbane, Queensland
7559 posts
this thread is pretty f*****g sad

Go to the bunker
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Brisbane, Queensland
515 posts
Does the bunker even exsist anymore?

Elysium in fortitude valley seems to be one of the newer LAN cages in town ATM.

You could always Get your mate to try and source a friends pc and you could borrow it or pAy them to borrow it
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Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
20838 posts
Good gaming laptops are a dime a dozen these days. You can get a decent one for $2000.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4760 posts
So 240000 dimes a dozen then?
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Brisbane, Queensland
5096 posts
I didn't think the bunker existed anymore...
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7498 posts
why dont you get out an about when your on holiday ffs

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Brisbane, Queensland
578 posts
It's 2 weeks for f**** sake! Get outside, do something, LIVE A LITTLE!
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3926 posts
yeah really why do you need a pc on a holiday lol
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10055 posts
He's going to Brisbane. f*** all to do there. Get a pc bro.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7561 posts
Yeah i went to brisbane for 2 weeks and i gotta say compared to my bedroom in my home city, i definitely preferred the bedroom in brisbane

Much less light

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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1212 posts
You want to carry a hard drive through the airport?

I routinely do this, not sure what you're fishing for there thermite.
...or should the question be... what's on YOUR Hard-drives mate? O_o

And yeah, I'm not massively well versed on the ins and outs of Brissie, but I'd suggest if nothing else get out and do the tourist thing (might cost a few bob but you don't have to go silver service all the way to have a good time I'm sure!)
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Brisbane, Queensland
2881 posts
Hey a*******

Which part of this paragraph...

I was wondering if any ausgamers folks have had good or bad experiences renting machines, or could recommend any particular businesses? Any pitfalls I should keep in mind or the like? I did a quick search but didn't come across any previous thread topics.

...did OP ask you for advice on what he should do on his holidays? He asked for some specific information. Don't be a c*** QGL, it doesn't suit you.
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Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
20839 posts
Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1213 posts
I like the part where he's an established part of this [computer gaming] community, and yet, the same forum is literally telling him to 'go outside'.

Also Zak, being a c*** isn't suiting you very well.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2707 posts
Lol, didnt come to this thread earlier as i didnt have any advice but it was worth reading for the lols.

I take my lappy on hols just for minecraft as without tivo normal TV viewing is pretty useless and gets boring quick. Plus the GF sleeps for like 12hrs a day so i game when possible.

Also, didnt the bunker shut down? I thought it did years ago. I went there once as a CS noob back in the day. Didnt know how to change player name so played as 'Miss Bubbles'.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2518 posts

I sent emails to a few places but they all failed to respond after a few business days (I didn't expect them to, really) so I called them up today.

The two companies below seemed to have the best constructed websites and the most amount of actual information available online. They both offer various services such as delivery and collection although this was of no particular value to me.

Mr Rentals has a minimum 1 month rental duration, but otherwise I think prices per week remain about the same in line with those on their site.

Hire Intelligence offers rental durations as low as 1 week, which is quite nice.

Unfortunately, both of these companies were lacking hardware that met my requirements. To be specific they both had machines which were recent enough to meet my baseline requirements in terms of CPU/RAM, but which were unsuitable in the GPU department. The newest machines were laptops rather than desktops (which wasn't ideal to begin with) and the only laptops which came with decent graphics solutions were focused on the workstation market - IE, Quadro or other chips. They had some higher end workstation deskstops (multi CPU xeon boxes, etc) however neither company offered consumer grade graphics options for their machines.

Bit of a pity really, as if they'd just had a decent optional video card I could rent with the rest of the box, I would've been set. FWIW if I had a spare video card that was decent enough I might have still gone for a rental (assuming they'd let me install it).

Interestingly enough both companies indicated that my query about renting a gaming computer is something that seems to come up fairly often. So it appears that there is some market demand for this kind of arrangement, even if it isn't a market they are interested in right now.

By the way - to those who suggested I do something other than play games while in Brisbane, there's a few things you should know:

1. I was born in Brisbane. I moved to Sydney a few years ago for study/work purposes. Though I have no interest in tourist stuff in any case. I went to QGL lans back in the old days for whatever that's worth.

2.I was planning to fly up in order to play guild wars 2 at launch (along with some other games, later on) with one of my best friends. His parents are friends with mine as well - they're like an aunt an uncle to me. We've been mates for around 15 years now (have played a s***load of games together too). I haven't had a chance to catch up with him and his family in a couple of years so was gonna try and do a few things at once.

Not sure what I'm gonna do now. Things are getting a bit complicated and in the end I may have to cancel the trip, or postpone visiting for later. Perhaps what minimal information I gathered here will be useful for someone else.

Thanks for the replies everyone, and sorry for the wall of text.

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