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headphone recommendation thread #777
Brisbane, Queensland
7554 posts
At work i sit near photocopiers

I want headphones to noise cancel and play some soft tunes out of my windows mobile phone

Max spend 50 preferably

The more dj-like the better
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Brisbane, Queensland
9877 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
2352 posts
get something with warranty. After 4 headphone/earphones of mine f***ed up i've just given up
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Brisbane, Queensland
2643 posts
Noise cancelling for <$50?? Doubt it.

Got these bad boys as a present a few years ago. 5.1 awesomeness but not cheap.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2877 posts
Beats by Dre, eBay. You know you will buy them.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6239 posts
Beats by dre are posers headphone. Anyone who thinks they are worth the money are seriously need of hospitalisation for mental illness.
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Brisbane, Queensland
15441 posts
DeadlyDav0: model information please

Edit: filename > http://www.psykoaudio.com/
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Brisbane, Queensland
2644 posts
Edit: filename > http://www.psykoaudio.com/

Yeah thats them. I had another 2x 5.1 pairs before them - a medusa pair and a seinhisser (sic) pair - but the ear cups on both were too small and squashed my ears after a while. The psyko are large enough to cup my ears and are comfortable for continual use for hours on end. Im no sound expert but they sound great and the mic works fine. Have had them for approx 3 years and they are the only thing i use on my PC for sound.
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Brisbane, Queensland
17080 posts
Beats by Dre

damn beaten
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Brisbane, Queensland
7555 posts
Guys we're getting offtopic here. Focus on me and my needs
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10028 posts
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
20781 posts
beats by dre are so lol - they aren't even good headphones!
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Sydney, New South Wales
816 posts
beats by dre are so lol - they aren't even good headphones!

They serve the same purpose as sunglasses on the back of the neck, you can safely assume the person wearing them is a f***wit.
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Melbourne, Victoria
2832 posts
Guys we're getting offtopic here. Focus on me and my needs

1. Goto nearest JB/DSE/Harveys etc.
2. Find headphone section
3. Cover eyes and wave your hand about
4. Stop waiving your hand about
5. Open eyes
6. Buy what ever you're pointing at
7. ????
8. Profit Failure?
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1633 posts
Yeah I wasn't impressed by the Beats by Dre, especially for the price tag.

I got Urban Ears, love them, great sound quality, durable, nice fabric cord/inbuilt mic, not too expensive.

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3919 posts
are those 5.1 really good though? I wouldnt mind a good set, at home I use sennheiser pc150. They are ok but I wouldnt mind something a little better.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1143 posts
I got some Logitech G35 headphones, 7.1 surround sound.

They were like $130 from officeworks! (I think JBHifi wanted $210+ for em)

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Brisbane, Queensland
2645 posts
As i said, im no sound expert but i think the psykos are great. Can only order from USA IIRC which is somewhat of a pain.

My 2nd fave is this one:
Had adjustable volumes for each speaker (front, centre, rear) so you could adjust on the fly if desired. Ear cup was too small to cover ear but wasnt too uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Ordered them from the UK.

Then i also had these 7.1 ones:
The 7.1 came from an inbuilt soundcard so i dunno about how good that is. Problem was (as mentioned in the review) the ear cups are small and tight and squashed the f*** out of my ears after only a little while.

My first pair were the speedlink ones after i spent time searching what pair to buy. This is probably 5 years ago. A while later my Dad was talked into buying the sennheiser ones by somebody @ JB hifi or the like but they werent for me. Then i got the psyko ones for a present from my brother after he read about them in a tech mag. Havent needed another pair since.

Id be interested if anybody else has a 5.1/7.1 pair they recommend. But none of that synthetic 5.1/7.1 created from stereo sound crap like the turtle beach @ EB.
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