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WTB: Official Microsoft Wireless Xbox Controller Receiver
The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
1822 posts
Looking for one of these

http://game-tec.com/images/wireless black 1.jpg

Can't buy from Microsoft anymore, not really wanting to buy one of these from local game stores either as I already have 4 of em, hence why I'm just looking for the reciever to beable to play local 4 player games again.

Note: I bought 2 cheaper brand from ebay & they dont work as their x64 drivers are borked and are not compatable with "Official" Xbox controllers, just their fake brand. Basically if they say "XBOX 360" instead of "MICROSOFT" on them I will not touch them, & they are the only ones you can find on ebay now :(

Anyone know if anyone still stocks the offical ones?

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Brisbane, Queensland
6546 posts
AFAIK they stopped selling them separately.
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Brisbane, Queensland
603 posts
Nats got one off ebay and it works fine with my Win7 x64. Reason I mention him is that he probably has a link to the same model still in his history.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
169 posts
Force install the drivers.

1. Go into Device Manager
2. Go to Other Devices
3. Double Click "Unknown Device"
4. Click on the "Hardware" Tab
5. Update Driver
6. "Browse my computer for driver software"
7. "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
8. Select "Microsoft Common Controller for Windows Class"
9. Select "Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows"
10. When the warning comes up, continue anyway

The generic receivers work perfectly as long as you do that. Basically, the reason why it doesn't work out of the box is because the counterfeit versions have the wrong USB hardware id so Windows doesn't automatically detect it. It's dumb, but as long as you do it manually the things work perfect.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9741 posts
YMMV I bought a generic one this week, and tried that and it did not work. It identified it, it paired but was not seen in the control panel... So I just used a wired controller instead. So I haven't really tried very hard I should uninstall it and try again perhaps on a different port.

The other option was using unsigned drivers ... pass

You can apparently still buy the genuine one separately from UK Amazon.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5853 posts
The other option was using unsigned drivers ... pass
Mind if i pick your brain as to how you reached that conclusion?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3240 posts
what swisscm said, i got mine off ebay and it worked after doing this.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9743 posts
Mind if i pick your brain as to how you reached that conclusion?

Using unsigned drivers in x64 means stuffing with the BCD options.
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The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
1824 posts
Damn, still cant get them to sync :(
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The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
1825 posts
Cant get it to work for the life of me, trying different drivers, reverting back to official drivers, old & updated, genereic drivers. Though I have found that yea UK still sells the official ones, tempting just to buy them.

Note that they official ones stop working if they get to hot, there's a handy man fix for it on the youtubes if you find you left in the car like I probably did

This pretty much sums up my last 20 minutes
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1173 posts
AFAIK they stopped selling them separately

to my knowledge they've never been 'sold seperately in Australia'.

You *could* (and I believe still can) but the controller AND the receiver, that's how I bought mine, and if you own an xbox 360, and don't own one of these receiver's you're a fool.

Other than that they are available on their own in the states for around $15 RRP.

no trollface, it is the BEST way to play console ports...
Batman: Arkham City, MADE to be played with a controller.
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Gippsland, Victoria
1604 posts
On a similar note, where is the cheapest place to get a wifi 360 controller to use with my windows controller adapter thingy. We got one controller, but missus enjoys seeing me play Trine 2 and wants to join in. So figured I'd get a second one so she can.
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Brisbane, Queensland
300 posts
I've bought some from ozgameshop before. Not sure if it's the cheapest but pretty good price including free delivery.


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Brisbane, Queensland
20308 posts
This is why I bought a wired controller :)

Probably no help to you though :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
5861 posts
Xbox controllers are the best thing for PC's. So many games now so seamlessly integrate them and suddenly stuff like assassins creed or batman feel like a console game but at 1080p, with 60fps and highest resolution + physx. It's so pretty, fast and good.

That plus steam sales really fleshes out your game library. All those great console games for under 5 bucks without needing to change disks. So good.
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