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Headphone Recommendations
Brisbane, Queensland
1953 posts
Looking to purchase a new set of headphones for gaming and was hoping people might be able to suggest or recommend some headphone and when they picked them up from. Happy to spend between $100-$200, will be used for music and gaming .

Cheers everybody :D
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Brisbane, Queensland
6083 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
8839 posts
spend the extra $100 and get the 900's

11:13am 27/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
16793 posts
spend as much money as possible
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Brisbane, Queensland
1954 posts
Cheers, ordered the 700's from PCCG as headphone site didnt have them in stock for same price, can't wait
11:38am 27/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6757 posts
For that price you could of bought the Logitech G930's.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
2084 posts
that was quick
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Brisbane, Queensland
1955 posts
Can't go wrong Damo wouldnt lie, and scoobs was slightly out of my price range with a wedding coming up.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19971 posts
spend as much money as possible

$9 big-w headset did me just fine all through highschool
02:27pm 27/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2752 posts
I bought some Audio Technica's ATH-AD900 last year but tbh I'm regretting it as the right side has developed a faint, but distinct buzz. Any recommendations other than those mob?
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9921 posts
just go to headphones.com.au and look at the recommendations thread from the owner.

okollololololololo logi headphones over technica. good one brah
06:31pm 27/05/12 Permalink
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1029 posts
okollololololololo logi headphones over technica. good one brah

Yeah, the Logi G930's are 'ok' (I'm not a huge fan because of the 'closed ear' nature of em) as headphones go.

I'd be quite confident to say they are amongst the best as far as Headsets go, but I doubt they'd stack up to even a 'middle of the road' set of Sennheisers.

It all depends, if you want 'virtual surround' and a microphone (none of which the OP mentioned) I'd say chase the G-930's, but for music/movies I'd say the AT's is where it's at for the most part.

Can anyone clear up for me, I'm familiar with 'headphone amps' and some of the reasoning behind doing that, but what I'm after is a decent set of headphones that i can use to listen to music, and (despite it being only a rare occurance) also hook straight up to an iPod/iPhone?
(to the AD700 owners, 1) do they work well in that kind of 'mobile' (ie non-beefed up amplifier) setup? and 2) are they as frail as they look?)
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Rockhampton, Queensland
274 posts
I had the ATH-700's (open ones ?) and they were pretty good, very comfortable - but they have a flimsy build which eventually led to their destruction whilst transporting them to a lan party.

My previous 'hardcore headphone know it all' work mate advised me to get a set of ultrasone's, which I did, picked a up a set of Proline 650's 4 years ago. Still going strong. They come with an extra set of ear cushions which you can replace when the originals detiriorate, which I have just done.

My advice is to research online, read reviews and then decide on what you want based on that.

edit ha, you already got some i see.
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Sydney, New South Wales
2 posts
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Gold Coast, Queensland
21719 posts
^ you wouldn't happen to be searching for headphone threads and then shill posting in them would you? Nooooo, never!
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Brisbane, Queensland
3543 posts
$9 big-w headset did me just fine all through highschool

all 10 years of it? nice buy.
02:12pm 06/11/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5193 posts
I bought some Audio Technica's ATH-AD900 last year but tbh I'm regretting it as the right side has developed a faint, but distinct buzz. Any recommendations other than those mob?

Oh wow!! Ive had mine for over 4 years ive dropped them a few times and they still working perfectly best thing i've every bought! Love them!
04:22pm 06/11/12 Permalink
7578 posts
deja vu
05:12pm 06/11/12 Permalink
2187 posts
i also have the ath-700's and i love them. very comfy and awesome sound but just lack the bass a bit but can be fixed with equaliser. idont find them flimsy i think they would break as easily as any other set of headphones. well worth the money.
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2189 posts
sorry about image size




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Brisbane, Queensland
467 posts
One thing both those pics say is too have a look at the Koss ksc-75's. I agree BIG TIME very clear, basically zero distortion and punchy bass.

they are awesome for walking around mine have even survived a round or two in the washing machine / dryer.
10:43pm 06/11/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3105 posts
Just posted this in other thread.
Psyko 5.1. Only headset ive ever found that full cups my ears and is comfortable for hours. Currently had mine on the last ~8hrs with only a few short food/drink breaks without problems.
$299. F*** yeah.
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