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new comp, hdd not showing in explorer
Brisbane, Queensland
2063 posts
Hey so i installed windows 7 ultimate on this:

Intel Core i5 2500K Processor LGA1155 3.3GHz CPU

ASRock Z68 Extreme4-Gen3 Z68 4xDDR3 3*PCIex16 GBL RAID DVI HDMI DS

Seagate SATA3 1TB 7200RPM 64mb Cache

Intel 520S 240GB

and windows is on the 520s ... i install windows, update stuff, copy stuff to both hdd's, then windows tells me its not genuine, and now i lose the seagate hdd in explorer, fix windows... still not visible? does anyone know anything about this? or am i going to have to copy everything again? I would just do that but i would like to save myself some tens of hours copying data.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2064 posts
also, windows tells me its up to date with drivers, and i can see it, and how much is free/used in disk management.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4846 posts
do u have virus scanner? the stuff you copied does it have virus in it? sorry for the silly question
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Brisbane, Queensland
2065 posts
it shouldn't, i dont have one on this computer of note (only windows defender) but the other one i copied it from, also on win7U, has superantispyware...

oh, yeah i would have sas on this but my program files is on the hdd that got 'disabled'
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Brisbane, Queensland
6454 posts
Go Control Panel > Administrative tools > Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management > and check to see if the drive is showing up there. I had to do this with my 1TB that I use for data due to it "being there" but not being enabled or mapped.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7706 posts
Maybe just assign a drive letter to it
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Brisbane, Queensland
9524 posts
Another way to get to the screen Eorl said is to right click on 'computer' in the start menu and choose 'manage'.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1178 posts
I'd suggest reinstalling (should take less than an hour on that system), the non system drive shouldn't be affected by this, also get a genuine copy of windows.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5457 posts
Right click my computer, click manage. Look.

Edit: ok a few other people have said that. Clearly though, that should be your first step. All new HDD's won't ever show up until you turn them into something.

Mine won't ever show up because they're raid0.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
982 posts
It depends on whether or not your using a hardware controller Skythra.

I'm running 2x500GB's in RAID 0 using the windows disk management tool. They both show up in there, but it knows what to do with them.

Also, Spock, are you still having the problems? coz the answers posted will either rectify the issue, or give you 90% of the info needed to diagnose/fix it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2680 posts
nice setup spock,

does that board have the intel disk thingy (brain not working,) where it uses the SSD as a massive cache?

>>>remember now, smart response ro something like that, works on sata 3 drives, and is done in the bios i think, could be way off however
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Brisbane, Queensland
2066 posts
I dont know how you all missed me saying this ( last half of second post)

and i can see it, and how much is free/used in disk management.

but yeah, i had already allocated a drive letter, and it even says the letter... in explorer.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2067 posts
i guess it's about as likely as me not seeing that the drive was un-allocated a letter again, dang windows

working now, and all i did was double check (and assign) the drive letter.

also, when i say explorer in my previous post, i mean disk management.
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