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Asus TF101's - Whats a good price ?
Brisbane, Queensland
52 posts
So I'm about to come into possession of a decent amount of brand new unopened 32gb TF101's with docks that I plan to sell off on ebay and various other markets..

What in your opinion would be a good pricepoint to aim for ?

I want them to be cheap enough to be able to move fairly fast and hopefully even get some hype on bargain sites, but not shoot myself in the foot either :P
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Brisbane, Queensland
1496 posts
I'll take 1 for $120
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Brisbane, Queensland
6362 posts
They are about $400-$500 on Ebay give or take. I don't think you'll find as much market for them now that the Prime is out and a much better successor.
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Brisbane, Queensland
53 posts
Aha @ $120 .. No.

And yeah I've been doing my research using terapeak and even though volume has dropped theres still an average $498 price and 100% sellthrough for sales within Australia..

I'm hoping there will still be a market because the prime is way more expensive then what I'm able to offer them for. And it still goes hard once you've upgraded to ICS :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
5993 posts
I'll give you $5 and I get to keep this old birdcage
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1371 posts
let me know what your gonna charge and if they come with the dock ect..
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Brisbane, Queensland
54 posts
Jabroney they are the 32gb models new in box with keyboard dock but I'm not positive about final pricing yet sorry. Make an offer?
I wont have them ready to ship out for about 2 weeks tho
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Brisbane, Queensland
7559 posts
Two of the guys from work got them from Graysonline for $398. I believe they were refurbs from Asus directly because they got full tech support when one of them had a problem.

Personally, I'd be looking for one at less than $400.
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Brisbane, Queensland
55 posts
I can beat $400, for a new one with 1yr warranty :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
2057 posts
ya, i nearly picked up one of the refurbished ones for just under $390, but work is getting me a Prime. If you want to move them quickly, $350 is your price point.

In Stock

ASUS EEE Pad TF101-1B180A Transformer 32Gb Android Tablet with Keyboard Dock (Refurbished)
RRP: $749.00
ONLY: $399.00

Common Question: What is an ASUS Refurbished Notebook?

Refurbished Notebooks are re-packaged into brand new packaging and include a full 12 month warranty, which is backed up directly by ASUS. There is little to no sign of wear or use with these notebooks as they are usually the result of ASUS repairing a faulty notebook that was "dead out of the box".

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Brisbane, Queensland
19779 posts
So where exactly did these come from and how did you "come into possession" of them? Extra presents from grandma?
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Brisbane, Queensland
56 posts
$350 sounds like a good price to aim for. I think I'll spread them out at different prices for diff markets cos I know I can get more then that as well :)

I'm buying direct from a manufacturer, completely legit btw
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Brisbane, Queensland
5422 posts
my 32gb with dock was less than 500 brand new 8 months ago, before the tf201 came out. But sell them for what you can i suppose. That was from computer alliance too.
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Some Fat Bastard
Brisbane, Queensland
1124 posts
I'd be interested in one for around $350.
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Melbourne, Victoria
1963 posts
pm me best price :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
57 posts
Alright well I think I'll say $370 + shipping unless you wanna come pick up from redbank plains. Can update the thread or create a new one on sold when I have them all ready to go or people can email tf101@adamdodson.org with the subject "HOOK ME UP BRU" to be emailed when it's ready to go :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
58 posts
Update - Now waiting on clearance from customs in Sydney. *IF* it happens within a few hours, they could be here as soon as tomorrow. Won't be holding my breath on that one tho..

Does anyone have recent experience importing a few thousand dollars worth of electronics ? What's the average delay lately ?
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