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Transformer Prime Customers to Receive Free GPS Dongle
Brisbane, Queensland
6349 posts
Trog was kind enough to let me know that Asus are now addressing the GPS issue that has been plaguing the Transformer Prime tablet since release. Basically at current time the tablet is unable to gather a good enough GPS signal for certain games/apps (Google Maps is one) that it renders the device not useless, but a tad annoying.

Asus has today brought out a new offering, a free GPS dongle for all Asus members who have registered their Transformer Prime. I'm currently in the process of signing up, but hopefully this new dongle will boost the performance of the GPS signal, something that is a tad annoying when I want to get directions on a device that doesn't cost me $200 to update the maps.

You can find the website here: http://event.asus.com/ASUSPad/TF201GPS/
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Brisbane, Queensland
2159 posts
So the tablet has a hardware problem, so their solution is to give you a bulky usb dongle to fix this?

btw can you name your tablet liek you can a PC? I would so call mine Optimus.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
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So the tablet has a hardware problem, so their solution is to give you a bulky usb dongle to fix this?
The USB dongle, as I understand it, only works for you if you have the (optional) keyboard base part of the device. So if you just have the tablet I think it is useless.

This was probably my tablet of choice to buy but I'm a bit bummed by the poor GPS... is this just a v1.0 sort of issue that will be fixed in later revisions of the hardware?
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Geelong, Victoria
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Guess i had better sign up so i can get it.
Haven't used the GPS much though, yet...
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Brisbane, Queensland
6388 posts
It doesn't seem to be a "USB" dongle, more so it connects to the part where the keyboard dock would normally go.

Check out the pictures here: http://www.landofdroid.com/2012/exclusive-first-pictures-of-the-asus-transformer-prime-gps-dongle/
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Brisbane, Queensland
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F*** that,I'd send mine back and claim a refund. Obviously it's a hardware fault. That would be like driving around in your car and the engine breaks, so they send you another engine but the one they send you is some dogs*** little motor that just rubs on the wheels to make the car go. It's not a fix at all.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5432 posts
So the tablet has a hardware problem, so their solution is to give you a bulky usb dongle to fix this?

The tablet is encased in metal and it ruins the signal. There's plenty of mods which prove that the metal case is the cause of the problem and creating a GPS "window" solves it.

The problem is whoop, the GPS isn't the selling point of the device, much like if your car has trouble with the window winder and they replace it with an updated window winder. You can complain that you liked the colour which matched your interior and the one they gave you was black but really it's a solution.

So your anology sucks.

Also it never claims it can DO gps. They removed that from the spec sheets before the device was on sale. It's just that there's an implied expectation so they've kindly sent one free to anyone who wants one.

It's like your car didn't come with aircon, but they never said it would. All the aircon s*** is hooked up, but to funnel it in they offered you a hose instead of airvents.

Edit: My source comes from http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/transformer-prime-tf201-tablet-review,3175-4.html

Edit2: as an aside
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Brisbane, Queensland
6393 posts
I don't think I bought my Transformer Prime specifically to hold it up in the air and let me travel around town. It's a replacement for a laptop and it's a bloody good one. Works a treat, very responsive, very useful and has a wide range of android apps that work natively on the tablet format.

I've signed up for this GPS dongle because it's free, it will boost the GPS by a great margin apparently, and it's something extra to have.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5435 posts
Oddly, I don't understand the whole rush for the transformer prime over the original transformer. All the apps in the market are designed for phones, and the original transformer only recently has been surpassed by them. All the apps couldn't run faster because they're designed so they can't. You miss out on some effects on a couple of games which I doubt most transformer buyers would actually pay for.

Then again i'm biased because i have a tf101 and i can't possibly justify a tf201. Although of course, my tf101 does have fantastic gps. Which i've used, about 3 times in 8 months.
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Melbourne, Victoria
9014 posts
F*** off skythra, they only removed it from the specs in countries other than Taiwan and the USA because they were second-wave countries and didn't actually sell the device until after the issue was discovered. The whole concept of the "Transformer" name is that you can use it as a tablet or as a quasi-laptop.

Your "Window-winder" analogy is bulls***, because in this case, if you want to use GPS properly you lose the ability to use the keyboard/battery/USB-port dock. It's like buying a 4WD only to to be told that if you you want to use the included satnav that was advertised with the car you need to turn it back into a RWD-only vehicle.
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