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Samsung Series 7 Slate
Brisbane, Queensland
7676 posts
Does anyone have any experience with these?

How are they undocked?

Looks to be running Windows 8 or something from the iOS style icons?

Samsung page is here. I would like some experiences if anyone's used them?

Here is the vid

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Melbourne, Victoria
3461 posts
Those icons seem to be freeware piece of software called Touch Launcher. Bit disapointing it only has a USB2 socket and 3MP camera but in all a huge improvement on the piece of s*** atom based Slates floating around last year. No WWAN for 3g is pretty annoying though, especially if they're trying to push into the business market.

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Brisbane, Queensland
4577 posts

Very impressive though, big question mark over the HDMI performance imo.
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Townsville, Queensland
1624 posts
If you run Cisco ip telephony, can be used as thin client pc as well with keyboard n mouse.

Telstra should be offering these on LTE in the future for business customers.

(tho not really a full pc like the slate,it's amazing how well cloud apps work these days )

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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36021 posts
One of the guys at the MS Trade Mission I was on recently had one, and I played with another one at MS as well. It was OK to use; physically a bit bigger/heavier than an iPad and as such not as nice to hold. Fairly responsive on the interface and it is pretty neat to be running Windows, although obviously most pre-Metro apps are doing to suck balls.

As far as I can tell from skipping through the video that is NOT Windows 8 - it doesn't have the Metro interface, it looks like a jazzed up Windows 7 to me.

I would personally be inclined to wait for Windows 8 (if I wanted a Windows tablet at all) because MS are going BALLS AND ALL for Windows 8 into the tablet market so it will be leaps and bounds better than Win7. I would only buy this now if I was absolutely dependent on Windows and being able to run Windows apps.

If you are not I think (for now) you will get a better tablet experience on an iPad, or one of the Android variants (which I still think are not as good as iPads; something that pains me to say as a fully-fledged Apple ecosystem hater).
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Cairns, Queensland
12234 posts
Yeh I'm mad keen on a relatively powerful Windows8 slate to potentially be a carry-anywhere business machine.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9365 posts
Those slates seem pretty expensive for what is essentially an awkward netbook or a suped up tablet. I think we need to wait a couple generations for some real direction and competition on the sub-laptop market.
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Melbourne, Victoria
3462 posts
As far as I can tell from skipping through the video that is NOT Windows 8 - it doesn't have the Metro interface, it looks like a jazzed up Windows 7 to me.

Yeah it is Win7 running software to give it some win8 style functions like large quicklaunch icons that are more reminiscent of iOS but also the touch friendly login screen. I suspect when Windows 8 does hit, Samsung will also update their hardware with a Series 8 slate, if nothing else just to fall in line with Microsoft's 8 branding.

If I was going to get one of these, it would be nothing more than to mess around with the touch functionality Win8 beta so I reckon I'll wait for the next wave of hardware to be released post Win8 launch.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9916 posts
They are expensive and as trog said, awkward to hold and I found quite heavy indeed.
Lack of integrated 3G sorta sucks but windows isnt embedded which means you could load windows 8 on it.

The charge time is not that great either. I found it very responsive however.
All in all, we opted not to go down that path because of cost.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6175 posts
Looks like my Transformer Prime is a better contender, and a more worthwhile purchase.
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Brisbane, Queensland
415 posts
Will there be any touch screen tablet thingy that is able to run
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Sydney, New South Wales
1442 posts
I've got the Dell Latitude ST at work, it's pretty cool, integrated 3G, great for note taking, windows 7 OS. Weights a touch under 1 KG, so far it doesn't seem too bad! Could do with a bit more powaaaaaah but not using it to do anything intensive. Just your usual business crap!
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Brisbane, Queensland
4995 posts
mum bought one tries to be both a tablet and a laptop but its not quite either. also no android market on it
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Melbourne, Victoria
3463 posts
Will there be any touch screen tablet thingy that is able to run MYOB?

If it's running Windows it will run MYOB but it's really upto MYOB to release a touch friendly version of their product. I would assume they'll develop a metro style version for Windows 8 eventually.
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