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Logitech G-27 @ D*** Smith for $139 - (NOT an April Fools...)
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
846 posts
I just caught wind of this from ozbargain.com

There was some speculation that this was an April fools... I called my local store and the sales rep I spoke to confirmed it...


Ozbargain thread.

Also, this isn't kicking off tomorrow morning, this price is live... now.
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Melbourne, Victoria
931 posts
cheers mate but it was in front page a couple of days ago:

edit: oh its a different post.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1912 posts
Holy s*** thats awesome price. IIRC my dad got it a while back for $400??
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Melbourne, Victoria
6689 posts
SO tempted, but my brother already has one, and I really don't need it or use it anywhere near as much to justify getting another. Even if 6 months down the track I decide I want one for myself :/

Argh :(
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I can't read
Brisbane, Queensland
5316 posts
Just picked one up!

Had borrowed a friends G25 and quite enjoyed a bit of iRacing. Was easy to talk myself out of it when they were $300 plus but for $139 I figured why not?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1799 posts
That's awesome. I always wanted a wheel, especially for console but I don't have a suitable spot to clamp it. I've seen some cheap furniture at ikea that may work. How does it compare to the G25?
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Brisbane, Queensland
6872 posts
In my opinion they're fun for the racing immersion aspect, but then you realise your in-game performance/stats are better with a controller or keyboard as it's much quicker to push a stick/key a short distance compared to turning a wheel. But as I said, fun for the immersion ...
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Brisbane, Queensland
1920 posts
In my opinion they're fun for the racing immersion aspect, but then you realise your in-game performance/stats are better with a controller or keyboard as it's much quicker to push a stick/key a short distance compared to turning a wheel. But as I said, fun for the immersion ...

Agreed. Maybe with more experience i would be better with the wheel but after years of keyboard experience with racers, i was much better with it.

For racing hardcores though, i dont see how they could do gear changes with keyboard or gamepad effectively.
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Melbourne, Victoria
2414 posts
Well I went to the local DSE after a G19 for $39, nothing in stock and the staffer said they will go fast and mostly to staff, so that was a bit disappointing. Thx for heads up none the less, might ring some other stores tomoz.
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Yeh I wanted a g19 as well dude. If it says 0 stock in stores does that mean if you buy it online chances are you wont get it at all ???
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
847 posts
How does it compare to the G25?

Very similarly.

H pattern shifter has a 'sequential shifter' mode.
only has 2 buttons on wheel

H-pattern shifter only has 'H-pattern mode'
'Shift indicator' lights on the centre of the wheel. (for games that support them)
Has 6 buttons on wheel.

I heard murmurings of the G-27 having a 'slightly larger wheel diameter' but there's nothing in that.
I've also heard rumors of the 'springs in the G-27 pedals' being firmer... but I've seen nothing to quantify that either.

I have a G-25 and I'm not getting rid of it any time soon, but I bought a G-27 at today's price ($110 below D***ies cost apparently) because I could...
I also bought a few for my mates... it was pretty funny organizing to pick up 5 today... I was like, "no I'm not running an e-bay store, these wheels all 'have names on them'...

Get one while they're going @ this price, coz I reckon D***ies won't stock them once they're sold out.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1921 posts
might ring some other stores tomoz.

Do that. Last time i chased something from d*** via their online store it said the item was in stock but due to low numbers, check with store first. I rang a number of stores and no stock. Eventually had to get it transferred from a store to my local store.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4463 posts
g27 wheel is
- a bit fatter to hold onto,
- the FFB motors have helical cut gears so dont feel as notchy as the g25
- the gas pedal is set back a bit further than the brake and clutch (g25 all are level)
- yes brake spring is a bit stronger with the g27

im faster with my old G25, FFB feels a bit more direct, and the sequential shifter option just rocks, stuff using paddles !
(PS iracing is S*** for not allowing h-pattern in ALL THE CARS)
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Brisbane, Queensland
4464 posts
also, great price, get one, improve your driving

any excuses to post this oldie, iracing rocks

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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
848 posts
srsly sCOOBs?

SVG? that's gold.

How do you rate iRacing, is it worth the outlay?
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Brisbane, Queensland
6036 posts
Awesome racing today scooby against the $25k engines made it look easy.
I got the ok to buy a race car today if i sell the rangerover, roadbike and commodore ute first :)
Go go gadget ebay!
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Brisbane, Queensland
4465 posts
yes it rocks, great for training in cars like the mx5, skip barber and mustang.
not necessarily the V8SC which is definitely the most competitive and intense series for aussies) - you have to drive the v8 a very whacky way to get speed out of it.

theres a deal on at the moment, 12 bux for 3 months. http://www.iracing.com/

be awesome if you could use my email as a reference, it gives me some credits to buy cars and tracks, awesome pyramid scheme. calw85 at gmail dot com

i'll help you get set up and stuff. paging dethon !

so yes iracing is my most important training tool for reality, had a good weekend:

HELL YES fnukle thanks heaps for helping out ! absolute legend
car i was telling you about:

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Brisbane, Queensland
11623 posts

Ah so the G27 was only on sale for 1 day? That's a bummer.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1900 posts
if anyone is interested in buying my G25 im selling it.. make me an offer.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8627 posts

Among the items on the leaked lists were Nintendo's Wii Console, slashed to $129 down from a recommended retail price of $299.
Xbox consoles were on sale for $100, down from Xbox’s RRP of $399, and the PlayStation Portable (PSP) was down to $40 from its RRP of $189.95.

But when customers turned up at stores this morning, many found staff claiming to be unaware that the sale had even been scheduled.
Twenty-six-year-old desktop support worker, Charles Grogan told news.com.au that he visited three different D*** Smith stores in Queensland but found that many of the games listed were not on sale.

“Toombul was first on my list, there was at least 100+ people in line by the time doors opened,” Mr Grogan said.

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Brisbane, Queensland
4468 posts
^ ahahah Groganus is famous !
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
852 posts
The G-27's are still on sale today, but the stock in my local stores is dwindling somewhat...
I bought a number of these bad boys in the end. onsold em to my mates @ the price I paid.

Get one while you can.

I did the DSE run this morning, and was v.disappoint.

I KNEW there wouldn't be tonnes of stock, but I watched one guy buy like 12 Nintendo DS's... and you could feel the hate watching him leave...
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2512 posts
They were $499 at Robina, probably the reason they had plenty of stock.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1262 posts
I've got a G27 for sale if anyone is interested? Comes with a custom made bench for attaching wheel, pedals and stick shiftier. Practically brand new and hardly used. Would be willing to let it go for $400

PM me if interested.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5338 posts
Let me guess what you bought for 139 dollars yesterday..
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
854 posts
That's awesome sCOOBs.

And that Torana looked horribly unsettled in the corners!

I'm curious as to the running costs for something like that S13... the base cars can be had relatively 'cheap' I suppose...
(so there'd be licencing, and personal equipment (Clothing etc), then the car itself... then meeting all the safety requirements

I guess my first question is, how do you go about maintaining a car that you race, and do you do all your own 'garage work' as such?

I'm seriously considering getting into Go-Karting... but I'm not sure about the local club scene (as in it's a fairly quiet scene, best I can figure).
At $2k for a kart I'd think tyres and spares might be a little more 'within' my 'I'm not sure I wanna throw $30K at this' budget :P
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Brisbane, Queensland
4469 posts
a mates car is for sale, ready to be competitive in this series..


plus i guess about 1k worth of safety gear and licenses

but you probably wanna do at least 6 months / a year of sprint driving to bring yourself up to speed, simracing helps a buttload also!

yea it aint cheap :<
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Brisbane, Queensland
8753 posts
like anyone would buy someones old drift/track car
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Brisbane, Queensland
2237 posts
Just got back from Carindale, they said the "sale" is over and it was probably some employee's mistake in the system. If anybody knows of any stores that are still running the "sale", let us know please :D
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
858 posts
like anyone would buy someones old drift/track car

Why not? there are a few thousand in mods to make a car into a safety regulated track car, and if you're starting out, you don't want to start with a new car...

it wouldn't be like buying the same car 'for the street' where the tard who owned it drove it into the ground...

If you bought a car for the track, and it was a lemon... you'd find out pretty quickly, and the track driving community isn't very large... so I'd think it'd be in the sellers best interests to be straight with buyers (and lets face it, it's motor sport... any buyer would either know what he's likely getting into, or have some mates who could point him right on any mechanical foibles)

much as I sorta suggested... it's motorsport at any rate... you don't do 'regular servicing' like you would a car... if you run a car hard, you've gotta be more frequent with servicing etc... so the expense in buying a car, is quickly over-run with running costs of new sets of rubber/servicing pretty quickly I'd think...

NOT coming from experience on the subject, just my 2c.
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