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Purchasing a new gaming computer, thoughts?
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I'm looking at getting a new PC so I can play Battlefield 3, on max settings at about 60fps, give or take. The pc I'm looking at is, $800 it's specs are:

Intel Core i3 2nd Generation 2130 (3.4GHz)
LGA1155 Intel Chipset Motherboard (NEW B3 Stepping)
2TB SATA Hard Drive
nVidia Geforce GTX550 1GB DDR5
6-Channel HD Audio
Gigabit 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Dual-Layer DVD-Writer

How will that go in terms of price, running battlefield 3 max settings on about 1280 x 1024 res, (Will upgrade my monitor a few months after I get the new pc) Would it be cheaper to buy all the parts and build it myself? or for $800 it's decent gaming system that will run Far Cry 3 really well, when it comes out, and games in the near future. Do I really need to spend the extra dough on a GTX 590?

The reason I'm getting a new computer, is because I'm just not happy with how Battlefield 3 looks on my Xbox and HD T.V, I need better graphics (: Some opinions would be helpful!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I'll freely admit that I'm out of touch when it comes to consumer hardware, but to my thinking, you're going to struggle with only an i3. I'd look at upgrading it to an i5 at the least to make it a decent gaming system.
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that cpu and gfx card is pretty weak and probably wont run bf3 at max settings at a decent resolution.

work a little harder and get an i5 & gtx 570.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Correct you want i5 or higher and buy most expensive video card you can afford but dont go for anything higher then GTX580, i wouldnt get anything lower then 560 as well. gigabit ethernet card and audio card should be built into the motherboard. you didnt say what case u r getting
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Yeah i5 is a great little cpu. Mine works wonders for dolphin emulation which apparently is quite cpu intensive.
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Dual-Layer DVD-Writer

What's this for?
So you can mail disks back to your younger self in a time machine?

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Intel Core i3 2nd Generation 2130 (3.4GHz)
LGA1155 Intel Chipset Motherboard (NEW B3 Stepping)

The i3 is dual-core, you'll probably want to move up to quad. I recommend an i5 2400 or add $15 and get a 2500 - your choice. The K-version is not necessary for your needs.

Most of the ASUS/Gigabyte 1155 motherboards are crap, so a reliable motherboard for the 1155 socket is the AsRock Extreme3 Gen3, or spend $40 extra for Extreme4 Gen3 if you want USB3 ports.

For RAM, get a model that's on the compatibility list for the motherboard:

Personally I'd recommend G.Skill or if not possible, Corsair.

I'm sure a GTX560 card can run BF3 at the resolution you desire, since my 570 can run it at 1920x1200 on Full (with 2xAA) at a billion FPS.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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^ that unclosed bold tag was killing me D:
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Get a Core i5 and a 560ti at least and you should be right.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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i5 and 560/570. You'll get by with the rest of what you have there.
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Thanks guize! That put me up to date with what I need, I believe it will be cheaper if I get the parts I need from the net, and put it all in myself. For the case, I'll probably work more so I can get a White Phantom case, they look bro as.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Where do you live Markus?

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Melbourne, Victoria
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I'll probably work more so I can get a White Phantom case, they look bro as.

Looks like something that would show the dust nicely. Best buy a can of Mr Sheen while you're at it!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Straight from WP. This system will smash what you originally posted

CPU: Intel Core i5 2400 $189
Mobo: Asus P8H61-M-LE-USB3-V3 $69
RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3-1333 $42
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB $99
GPU: 1.25GB Nvidia Geforce GTX560 Ti 448 Core $299
Case: Antec 300 $59
PSU: Antec VP550P $69
ODD: DVD burner $21

850 bucks
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Australia mate, would that be $850 aus?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I was going to try help you find the parts cheaper smartarse
you think i'm gonna come round and fiddle your balls or something
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Brisbane, Queensland
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WP = Whirlpool ( It's an Australian site, these builds are constructed with reference to Australian prices only.

The page for this build in particular is:
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Cheers! You've all been a great help, now I know exactly what parts I need, except it'll take an extra month of working, short term pain for long term gain!
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Melbourne, Victoria
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you can get the 680, for about $650 on umart. Bought mine yesterday. :D:D:D:D totally worth it
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Brisbane, Queensland
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you think i'm gonna come round and fiddle your balls or something

lmao. Yes plz.
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I've decided what I'm going to get,

Core i7 2700k
3.5GHz,8MB cache,850MHz 3D GPU $300

ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe Gen3 Motherboard, OR ASUS P8H61 V3 Motherboard B3 LGA1155, ($300 vs $70? which one to get)

Mach Xtreme 8GB (2x4G) Copper DDR3 1333Mhz CL9, $40

Now I can just use my old HDD from the computer I have now, there wouldn't be any problems? just 500gb hdd..

Now I want to keep my case, is my case big enough and powerful enough to hold all of those parts? It's a Thermaltake Soprano!,

I also recently got a new PSU because my PSU bummed out, I'm not sure of what it is, but here are all the details on it,

model A-600 Bliss Power Supply output 600w Max.....Thats all I know, so if I get all these parts, put them into my case and use my old HDD and PSU, will it work out alright?
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