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Asus Padfone - Android phone/tablet combo
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Brisbane, Queensland
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This looks pretty neat - the Asus Padfone is a new phone/tablet combo thing that allows you to combine your phone with a tablet and a keyboard depending on what funtionality you need at any given time. Sort of like Voltron.

Sorry for the lame video but it's the only official one I can find in a 2 second Google.

Runs Android 4.0 (ICS).

Official site is here:

Anyone played with one of these?
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Looks really, really cool. But that music was horrible.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I knew those two were banging

Cool idea
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Brisbane, Queensland
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CNet also have a hands on preview but sadly can't embed. The handset is huge, though the plus is they both run Android ICS 4.0. I can see it being useful for people who don't have a smartphone or looking to replace one as well as getting a tablet thrown in, otherwise just get the Transformer Prime really, does the same job but without a phone.
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Music made me feel
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Kind of s*** how they make it so you need all 3 products for it to be worth while. Would be cool if there was a standard interface between tablet, phone and keyboard dock, so if you had a HTC phone you could integrate it with an ASUS tablet and a Razer keyboard dock or something.
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^^ Yeah like what apple has with their screen extender thing (I think that's how it works, I don't have an ipad or an iphone).
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Pity you can't *really* use android as a laptop/pc OS even if you have the hardware
such a lie

my girlfriend came running out of the bathroom to find out what awesome music I was listening to when i played that video :/

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Just think, if that guy at 1:10 had spilled his wine he could have wrecked a phone, tablet and keyboard dock thingie all at once!

That aside, I don't really see any point in putting one device inside another one - wouldn't it be better just to sync the state between the devices over wifi or such? I guess the one benefit is combined battery capacity/sync speed?

And if you were carrying around both a phone and a tablet, wouldn't you just use one of said devices to route 3g over wifi if you only wanted to have 1 sim/data plan?

I can see alot of wanker director/managerial types buying these types of devices though. It kinda reminds me of those folks that pay $1500 for a tiny crappy performance 12" laptop without sufficient ports to connect peripherals, then spend $600 on a docking station for work and another 600$ for one at home. When they could have just bought a desktop and a normal laptop and synched their s*** for half the price.
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Pity you can't *really* use android as a laptop/pc OS even if you have the hardware
such a lie

my girlfriend came running out of the bathroom to find out what awesome music I was listening to when i played that video :/last edited by thermite at 18:55:31 16/Mar/12

Man Android on my computer would be awesome. Though really that would just be Linux...
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Brisbane, Queensland
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man asus needs to get a new marketing team, the asus transformer was a cool piece of tech too and the promo video for it was vomit worthy

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