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Help understanding Binoculars
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Is there any good optics (binocular) people out there?

The mrs wants some binoculars for her bird watching / painting and to also help when shes navi on the boat but I don't understand how they are 'rated'

what does 30mm ect mean? could anyone explain it in simple terms and possibly offer a 'best bang for buck' (and portable) on one of binoculars at (cheapest I've found so far)

Thanks in advance!
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Magnification - 10x
Objective Lens - 42 mm
Prism type - roof
Prism Glass - BAK-4
Exit Pupil - 4.2 mm

Focusing System - Centre
Field of View - 303' @ 1000', 101 m @ 1000 m
Close Focus - 20' / 6 m
Eye Relief - 18 mm

Seriously... none of this makes any sence to me.

What should I be looking out for? What makes a 'good' binocular?
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Seriously... none of this makes any sence to me.

As someone who knows very little about binoculars, I'd start by typing "binoculars guide" into google.

Seriously, this is one of those situations where you invoke a search engine yourself as there are a million sites out there that answer your question. First hit is a guide for buying bird-watching binoculars, telling you what parameter means what, what parameters are important and which are advertising gimmicks (the important bit!).
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Wow people really take their binoculars seriously eh...

Really want a good 'all round' 'best bang for buck' binocular but reading up on what a few of those terms actually mean to the view you get out of them it looks like this isnt one of this types of things where an 'all rounder' will be decent...
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One of our goals is to buy a house further up the hill with a better view.

I told wifey I'm getting some binoculars then. She thinks I'm weird and pervy.
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She thinks I'm weird and pervy.

Remind her that you are in fact a male, and that is a sign of being healthy, not weird.

Or just remind her that the alternative is just watching it on the internet.
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One of our goals is to buy a house further up the hill with a better view.

I told wifey I'm getting some binoculars then.

My brother in law did exactly that. They live on the top of a massive Valley in tana-mara (near where the gateway and logan motorway joins - i think)

The amount of random s*** hes seen with his binoculars/telescope while observing the 'underlings' in the valley below him lol
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