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New Video Card advice
Brisbane, Queensland
48 posts

So this morning I turned on my pc and my second monitor failed to turn on. Checked cabling, reversed the plugs between ports and the second monitor failed to work so I knew it was the primary DVI port on the graphics card.

Same behaviour in linux too so it's not a random windows driver issue..

Pulled the card out, and its covered in mouse crap(!) and there's little bits of alfoil absolutely shredded all over the bottom of the case. I've cleaned it as much as I could without feeling like I'm going to damage the card.. Chucked it back in with no change, so I carried on with my work for about 45 minutes of very low gpu usage (ssh sessions mostly) before it gave me a navy blue screen. I could hear google talk making noises in the background so I knew the pc hadn't locked..

Same thing happens in linux after about 10 minutes (probably more stressful because of compiz bling).

So, it looks like I need to RMA this card for a second time.. I've stolen my partners card temporarily so I can keep working, but I'm going to need a replacement ASAP and the last RMA took about 4 months so thats just not an option.

SO! What video card would people recommend that's at least as powerful as my currently dead 1GB Powercolor 8650HD ?

I'd prefer to go back to Nvidia for the better linux support. Budget could probably be stretched to $200ish, and I'd prefer to go through MSY because its a local pickup (redbank plains/ipswich) but I'm open to suggestions..

What card's give ya the best value for money these days ? Should I be looking at a gtx560, or deal with glitchy linux support and move to an ati 8670HD ? I feel so out of touch...
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779 posts
I've been waiting for the past 6 months for the gtx580's to drop in price. I hope its gonna happen soon cuz I need to upgrade.
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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
19857 posts
Just grab an nvidia GTX560 card. They seem to be best value for money.
05:42pm 07/02/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2400 posts
Get yourself a GTX550, should range from 110-130ish. Even this is overkill considering you were making do with the 8650HD.

Could even go the GT520 for like $60.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5161 posts
nVidia GTX550 or 560.
06:00pm 07/02/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
49 posts
Arg crap, I meant 6850 not 8650 sorry
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Brisbane, Queensland
4698 posts
new video cards are coming out soon if u can wait
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Sydney, New South Wales
1698 posts
Yeah I'd wait for the next line of cards to hit, assuming their coming soon. the price drop on the current cards will be choice.
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Sydney, New South Wales
935 posts
Oh wow, would you look at their comingsoon! Isn't it amazing!" />
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