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Recommend me.... A new wireless mouse
198 posts
Well my rat 9 has s*** itself. The warranty ran out less than two weeks ago, How bloody predictable.
Not a bad mouse, but not nice enough to get another and don't want a razor.
Anyway i was looking at a g700. Anybody have one of these? If so what are they like?
Are the any other options i'm forgetting? I claw grip too.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1480 posts
lololol. Another person passing on rat and razor. Been there, done that.

Pretty sure you will find a f***load of logitech fanboys on here, myself included but im using the wired g9. Got sick of the s***** recharging stands.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8564 posts
meh i love my razor mouse had it for yrs with no problem, logitech seems to be pretty popular tho
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Do you really need a wireless mouse?

My favourite mouse is the Logitech MX518
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Gold Coast, Queensland
4109 posts
Stay far away from razor. Every product i've had from them has broken within 2 weeks. Wireless mice are awesome for obvious reasons but the batteries tend to die after a couple of months of recharging and end up with 4 - 6 hour life span.

Yeah there are a lot of logitech fans here but they just make good mice. Have you seen the new G300? It's not wireless but seems pretty cool.

All that said though try looking here for a bunch of mice. This is where I go when looking for a new mouse and has served me rather well if only for a look at some of the stuff that's out there.

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@ dm. id say the same about cyborg.
mouse shuts down every 2 mins. battery life sucks, wont track. wish it had of happened 2 weeks ago.
well its for the laptop. which spends half its time, plugged into the tv. so unless the mx has a 5 metre cord. yeah i do.
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Sydney, New South Wales
92 posts
I've owned a Razer mouse for the past 5 years or so and never had a problem.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2113 posts
I still have no idea what the hell you do to your mice DM but anal insertion isn't the correct way to treat them

6 years for my razer and it is treated like crap
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7231 posts
g700 +1

i recently bought a battery recharger so now I just hot swap out the batteries when they run out..

best mouse I have had so far
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hahaha copius
hows the size super? i do love buttons.
and no i don't want a naga
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Brisbane, Queensland
617 posts
How long does the g700 last without a charge? Tossing up between the G9x and G700. Never had good experiences with wireless in the past but the g700 looks the goods with 1000hz. I have a G9 now but it keeps dropping usb connection in and out, cord must be stuffed somewhere, getting more and more frequent so might have to grab something today.

I know what I'm getting with the g9x more or less need to decide if I really want / need wireless + extra buttons or just go with what I'm used to.
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Brisbane, Queensland
619 posts
After reading a ton of reviews seems there's barely a bad thing to be said about the g700, and quite a few happy G9 converts out there. I think I'm sold but I thought MSY were open Sundays, but I guess not. Looks like I'll have to hold out another day.
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
691 posts
Logi G700 +1

I upgraded to one of these from my old G7 (which I loved as a wireless mouse... but the single thumb button on it, combined with essentially depleted batteries were reason enough to update.)

Sharp feel
Fits in the hand well
programmable keys
'on-the-fly' sensitivity buttons
'Charge cable' setup is very good.
'Toggle' scroll wheel (between free spinning and 'notched' rotation of the mouse wheel)

I had issues with Wireless range (My case was 3-4ft from the mouse and would routinely glitch out, hasn't been a huge issue for me as when you hook it up via USB cable, it will function independantly of the wireless receiver)

Mouse buttons 1 and 2 are EXTREMELY light to the touch. (at first I would routinely run about in FPS games and then just start shooting randomly, you get used to it, but worth mentioning)

If you're going to pick one up, I recommend keeping an eye on 'logitechshop dot com' (not affiliated, and also worth noting that this guy operates out of North Sydney... not directly related to logi at all). I just tried to find how much he's selling them for atm, and his site is a little flaky (I can't find the mouse on his site at all atm) but over the christmas break he was sellin em for $75 Delivered.

(Looks like U-Mart has em @ $80 atm)
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Brisbane, Queensland
153 posts
do the people who own a wireless mouse own one purely because it makes them feel like they live in the future?
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Brisbane, Queensland
793 posts
i have a razer mamba, pretty happy with it
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
694 posts
do the people who own a wireless mouse own one purely because it makes them feel like they live in the future?

Do you own a wired mouse to feel like you're living in the past?

Ignorance MUST be bliss...
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Brisbane, Queensland
154 posts
ignorance is a crime in my book. please remedy this and inform me of the key differences between a wired mouse and a wireless mouse and if possible please provide only the information about which a normal person would give 1/5th of a whole f***. btw i use that mouse pad thing on a laptop don't even own a mouse, so this is actually relevant to me.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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actually don't answer that. i'm bored and trolling waiting for ufc to start.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Logitech G700
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i bought these with a charger

2500mAh hi capacity makes the mouse last around 2 days with heavy use
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Brisbane, Queensland
7561 posts
Razer here reporting in, Mamba 4G or something

It is pretty sick I get bulk headshots
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