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recommend me... better than your average bed reading light
Brisbane, Queensland
779 posts
As per title. Chasing a mad little reading light to attach to the head of my bed (verticalish wooden head bed frame). Im a sucker for good style and innovative engineering so lets see what people can come up with!

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Brisbane, Queensland
2067 posts
i use a cheap ikea lamp, looks somewhat normalish and plain

however LED bulb, f*****g treat to read by (LED bulb was imported two years ago, pretty sure bunnings/masters have them now)
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Brisbane, Queensland
2094 posts
Seconded, ikea reading lamp, simple so it goes with everything and doesn't look out of place, gives a great light not too bright, not too dull.

Or you could look for a Tiffany Lotus lamp, that is pure style.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19276 posts
we have some clipon lamp, I don't know where it came from because it was a gift but it clips to stuff, has a gooseneck that you can manoeuvre into different positions. I think it's one of those energy saving CFL bulbs or something because it starts out dull but gets really bright the longer its on.

You could probably get something similar from bunnings/mitre 10/jaycar
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Brisbane, Queensland
18306 posts
yeah definitely get one of the new led reading lights. i got a great one from kmart a while back, they are dirt cheap.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4415 posts

This is the highest quality, most adjustable, highest performing and potentially the most efficient bed head reading light on the market.

Retails at like $300 though, I'm sure I could find a spare one around the office for a carton!

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Brisbane, Queensland
1770 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
780 posts
ikea looking good.

casa's one isnt bad
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Melbourne, Victoria
69 posts
Jimbo - everything you ever wanted


I mean innovation / style and custom engineering =)

(so fitting for me to post this on post #69 muhahah)
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Brisbane, Queensland
8764 posts
that ruins chandeliers for me, well done
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1190 posts
that is the best thing i have seen all day.
needs a red bulb.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
7534 posts
If you wanna spend lots on a light just go to space or living edge
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Brisbane, Queensland
4416 posts

Ok so I have 2 of both of the following in stock:

300mm arm, warm white, 30 degree beam, silver finish, no switch on head (sparky would have to wire back to separate switch)


450mm arm, cool white, 30 degree beam, silver finish, c/w switch on head (sparky wires fitting straight to 240V)

NBC they're a constant current fixture so require a remote power supply which I have as well, and yes you'd need a sparky to fit them off. Retails for 3-400$ ea. Honestly theyre left over from a job so if you want them I can do them for a carton of piss.
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Brisbane, Queensland
12344 posts
if you buy casa's suggestion I'll happily wire it up for you
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Brisbane, Queensland
16136 posts
buy an ipad and mount it above your pillow
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Brisbane, Queensland
5117 posts
Then download a "light" app which turns the screen white so you can illuminate your book, this way it's not just sitting around useless for the rest of the day.
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Melbourne, Victoria
3350 posts
I got given one of these for christmas, seems to work alright. It's quite a soft light which is good.

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Brisbane, Queensland
782 posts
buy an ipad and mount it above your pillow

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