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Blu-Ray players. Are they all the same?
Brisbane, Queensland
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Are blu-ray players all the same these days or is it like the days of old with DVD players where some are better with secret features? Like the ability to play back videos encoded with x264 or divx, etc.

I was planning on getting this thing. I'm not particularly fussed about internet capabilities like youtube (though this one has it) or any of the online tv crap.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I just have one in my HTPC, I don't get blu-rays that often, they tend to be a pain in the arse, coming in cheap dodgy packaging, and seem to be thinner flimsier pieces of s*** than what dvds were.
I wouldn't invest too much in this technology.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19265 posts
I dunno, I've only got 2 BD movies at the moment, Captain America & Sherlock Holmes and the packaging doesn't seem any more dodgy than a DVD case. In fact I've had some DVD cases that are so "well constructed" that I've had to bend the f*** out of the DVD just to remove it from the center spindle thing it sits on because it was a solid piece of plastic, not the split kind that most are.

I don't plan on converting my entire collection to BD, and to hook my computer up to my TV would require me to either move my TV, or computer, or buy a 10m long HDMI cable and have it run from one room to another. Not to mention my current PC is an absolute BEAST and uses something absurd like 400watts just sitting here so it's not exactly an efficient way to watch movies. It was built with gaming & video editing in mind.
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not sure if trolling thermite...

Blu-Ray players are not all the same, go with panasonic as an input device or match it with your tv brand to share the one remote.. to rule them all.

Personal opinions here only :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
2083 posts

I'd also go with getting the same brand as your tv, so it is all colour coordinated, etc.

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Brisbane, Queensland
19267 posts
Well my TV is a panasonic and the viera link thing did intrigue me BUT! I already have a logitech harmony remote so no matter what brand I get, I can still control everything from it. Right now I'm using (or was, the batteries are flat) it to control the TV (panasonic), PVR (topfield) and XBox (sony).

I might just get the cheapest, s***tiest, option I can find. It's only going to be hooked up to a TV, no amp, no fancy speakers, just using the TV's built in speakers and most likely never connected to the internet. If I want to browse youtube I sure as s*** won't be doing it on my TV.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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i use my ps3 blueray, only have avatar movie and the rest are bbc docos, life, planet earth and a few others
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Brisbane, Queensland
19268 posts
I don't plan on buying 3d movies, ever. full stop. Say I did get a 3d capable player though (because it's the same brand as my tv) and it uses HDMI 1.4, but my tv is old, will it still work? Are the players backwards compatible?

There's this one: clicky that caught my eye. There is a non 3d version for $119 but it doesn't mention having the viera link (one remote for all) on the site so I'll have to check that out to see if it does have it.

Is it worth getting a 3d player if I don't plan on watching 3d movies? That's the only difference in it right? Not like it's a completely different disc like CD vs DVD, just that the movie itself is encoded differently?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Different players have different startup times.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19269 posts
Can't be any slower than:
turn on PC
wait for it to go through all the bulls*** that it does before it even starts to load windows (this part takes the most time)
load windows (uber fast, it's on an SSD)
log in
navigate through start menu to get to player software
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We use a PS3 as our Blu-ray player. That way we get a great BR player with a games console and media streaming device all in one. Its been great for the last few years now.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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worst case scenario.. a slow player

I'd say definitely see the player in action before buying.

Borrowed my dad's spare bluray player - took 7 minutes to get from inserted disc, through several copyright messages, to the top-level language menu, to the next language menu, watching the bluray logo, getting through the intro screen etc. Accidentally hit the wrong button and had to go through the process again ...

Was frustrated enough to almost want to throw the disc aside and download the movie to get no unskippable screens, instant loading, super-responsive FF/rewind.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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I dont watch DVDs, I cant be bothered taking a disc out of its case and placing it in a drive then sitting down to watch anti-piracy ads.

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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
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I've got a Panasonic 3D bluray player and it's been awesome. I only use it for DVD's and bluray's though. I dunno if it has other stuff built into the player but I only use it for movies so I don't care. Load times vary which each disc though.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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make sure they have network and that the firmware gets updated regularly
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Brisbane, Queensland
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PS3 y0!
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I have a Toshiba one that I picked up for around $100. Plays everything I have thrown at it so far with no problems. Sure every so often it may come up "loading" for a few seconds when I put a disc in but after that plays perfectly fine.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I got a Soniq B100-AU Blu-ray player (JB HiFi) 1080P etc. USB 2 Samsung S2 640G External HDD (UMart)


Plays everything except .flv files.

If I get a vid that the player has troubles with I just fix it via WinAVI All in one converter. Believe me some people can't rip vids properly.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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perfect opportunity to get a ps3
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Sydney, New South Wales
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I'm thinking about getting one of these puppies for the 32 bit Sabre DACs. Oppo are the business.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19274 posts
I got a panasonic BDT-110GN like what's his face up there said because it's the same brand as my TV. Works ok for playing BD movies, starts up quickly and although I only have 2 movies so it's not a big sample size but they both get straight into the main menu after putting the disc in. One of them makes me watch a screen telling me not to copy the disc but that only lasts about 10 seconds at most.

The only issue with it so far is for some reason it'll only play mpeg files off my NAS, nothing else works but if I use a USB stick with some videos on there it plays them ok but I didn't get it for that so I'm not too fussed. Like rev, I just want it so I can watch BD movies in comfort. Might test it later with some videos straight from my cam corder & see how it handles those.

perfect opportunity to get a ps3

I've already got a 360s that I rarely use so the only thing I'd use a ps3 for would be watching movies and that would also mean I'd be giving sony more money so no.
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