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Mouse settings help for FPS
Brisbane, Queensland
2050 posts
hey team QGL, extremely noob PC gamer question but I'm sure you'll help me in the interest of converting.

Most of you will be pleased to know that I've recently been dabbling in PC gaming having been a console fan for a while (Xbox 360).

I love my FPS and recently grabbed ARMA 2. I also have S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (love those Steam sales)

However I'm having some trouble understanding mouse settings and terminology in how to get the best combo. I have a Razer Naga. It works ok on STALKER but is to "quick" on ARMA, as in moving it left to right i can't get a good aim as it seems to go very quickly between points and throws me off a bit. i "over shoot" where i'm supposed to be aiming and generally find it hard to steady.

the mouse has it's own settings and then there are in game settings. so i'm confused as to how to make these work together and get the best set up.

So what do these mean and how do they apply and what combo should i use?
for my Raza settings in it's control panel default are
DPI (current default is 1800)
Acceleration = 5 but "Enable Acceleration" is unchecked)
"Enable on the fly sensitivity" is checked
Polling rate = 500

and then i've got the X and Y axis and smoothing in game settings?

so how does all this come together?
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Brisbane, Queensland
433 posts
I have a logitech G9 something but i hope this helps.

My game setting is 1000DPI (i find higher too sensitive), with sensitivity set to Max in the device settings, acceleration off and polling 1000. In games, the sensitivity will vary but normally its about 10-30% of the games in-game sensitivity which i use to finetune. I dont change sensitivity on the fly but try to maintain a similar level of sensitivity between my games which are mainly FPS.

Try and find a good windows setting, then customise your ingame setting to tweak individual games. Set DPI lower if you find your mouse is just too touchy. I prefer lower DPI and high sensitivity but dunno how the opposite would go.

Im certainly noob when it comes to mouse settings though. Ive stuck with the same logitech settings for years.
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Melbourne, Victoria
1392 posts
Sounds like mouse smoothing in Arma 2 I suggest turning off, it will be in the controls section. Also the aiming dead zone (game options) if you like.
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Brisbane, Queensland
259 posts
Mouse control sucks balls in ARMA.

google mouse acceleration and learn how to turn it off every where. You will get better mouse skillz
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Brisbane, Queensland
6040 posts
Turn off acceleration, also turn off any smoothing (that averages movement out i believe).

I like to turn DPI to max then just turn down sensitivity...

That's about it really, unless you want to get all technical and have different X and Y sensitivities but that would be pretty odd!

I also use inverted mouse but it's just a personal option, I think I picked it up from flight sims or something so that's just how my brain works.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2051 posts
ok. thanks so far I'll try a few of those options.
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Brisbane, Queensland
18560 posts
I leave windows settings where I like them for navigation in windows, and change each game accordingly. That way I'm not constantly having to swap settings in windows before I play a game.

I like to turn DPI to max then just turn down sensitivity...

I leave mine on the middle setting because I like to turn it to the max setting in the game for certain things. Example: In MW2 I aim using the middle DPI setting, then for aiming predator missiles I crank it for quicker aim since my sensitivity is quite low and the pred missile comes in quite fast.

Mouse control sucks balls in ARMA.

Have to admit, the demo I played of arma (maybe arma 2) felt really laggy to me, move the mouse and the movement on screen lagged behind. I don't know whether my PC was just insufficient to play it, or whether it was the game though so your mileage may vary.
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Make sure "enhance pointer precision" in Contarrl Panel >> Mouse Settings >> Pointer Options tab is unchecked. CPL mouse fix you'll be pro in no time.

Do what whoop says. Get your Windaz mouse settings how you like it and leave it then adjust the mouse settings in each game because all games have different options and shizzle.

As for adjusting sensitivity on the fly - thats just up to personal preference.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1844 posts
Got a Coolermaster Sentinel Advanced here, has PSI at 1100 and it seems comfortable enough for FPS's. I've tried 2000 PSI and it feels extremely touchy. Just gotta experiment and see what your comfortable with.
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