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WD HDD Users - Critical Design Flaw
Brisbane, Queensland
5600 posts
It has come to our attention that Western Digital's Caviar Green HDDs suffer from a critical design flaw caused by an aggressive power-saving feature. Western Digital has developed a new technology called Intellipark (aka Idle 3 mode) and it is designed to reduce power consumption, in part by positioning the HDD's heads in a park position and turning off unnecessary electronics after 8 seconds of inactivity.

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Not sure if this has been posted but will do anyways just in case. I'm sure there are a few users who use WD HDDs.
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Brisbane, Queensland
877 posts
I have two greens and a black and they all have start/stops under a 100 after a year of use on Windows 7 x64 so no prob here, wonder what OS they are referring too.
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Melbourne, Victoria
10057 posts
Interesting. I have two of those drives in my NAS but haven't noticed any problem either.
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Melbourne, Victoria
6944 posts
Had a 1TB & 2TB WD Green die in the past 12 months.. wonder if it's related.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
2796 posts
Good thing I don't have any Green drives in this current system, and none in my new one i'm picking up today.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7699 posts
Damn I have heaps of these WD Green drives. They're the cheap one.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2983 posts
I disabled the parking on mine in my NAS, was causing issues. You can use a program WD put out called wdidle3 to change the parking time.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5962 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
271 posts
that might explain why so many of my portables have died a clicking death,
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Brisbane, Queensland
181 posts
Darn, have two of these WD10EARS 1TB Green HDD, have to run that idle patch in first link and hope for the best.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6226 posts
Just stay away from most of the WD and Seagate 1TB and 2TB models and you'll be fine. They really lost the plot over the last few years - really s**** me off that they can get away with selling such unreliable drives for so long. 20% failure rates for most of their drives is just unacceptable.

Samsung, which has been selling some of the most reliable drives in comparison recently got their HDD division bought by Seagate, so you can rely on their drives going downhill soon too. *angry face*
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Brisbane, Queensland
18462 posts
My 1TB USB drive makes a weird noise & gets REALLY hot even when it's sitting idle. I reckon this is what the problem is.

The 2 green drives in my NAS don't make much noise though

In other news, I got a WD black for my main PC and it's a piece of s***. My 5 year old seagate drive loads s*** twice as fast. I remember years ago having a WD & seagate drive of the same era and the WD drive was way faster, what the hell has happened to WD?
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Brisbane, Queensland
6445 posts
I have a 1 tb and a 2 tb with no issues.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2628 posts
My friend bought one of those. It lasted him 2 months and died. Lost all data.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9390 posts

1) This is not a design flaw
2) This is old old old news
3) Go to 1)
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