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Another help build PC thread
Brisbane, Queensland
3260 posts
PC is about 3 years old now and starting to just freeze and error up a fair bit, causing a lot of headaches. With my tax refund i'd figure it'd go towards a new pc.

Ok so instead of listing a bunch of s*** and saying is that ok since I haven't looked at a PC part since i bought my last HDD i'll just say what i will use it for and take on board suggestions.

Now i have a OCZ vertex 120gig and just a 1TB storage hdd so don't really need any, if i did i'd just get externals. I already have 2x 22" LG LCD which have been going well so i'm keeping them. Also got a sound card which i'll keep.

General games like CoD, HoN etc. Also want to be able to run BF3 when it comes out to decent quality. I also still dabble in 3D, currently running 8gig of ram, win 7 64bit. But i'll prob be upgrading to DD3?

So basically a hybrid rig, CPU, case, mobo, vid, PSU, dvd rom, network card or w/e etc Maybe SLi for using 2 GPUs in the future.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
3261 posts
oh i thought i put in the budget i must of deleted it. ~Around $1700 max
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Brisbane, Queensland
258 posts
+ 1 for teqs, maybe a gainward video card, but thats only cause i'm in love with mine

also with the extra money go a lan li case, i've been rockin mine for 10+years, and as a case it has always been cool, and timeless, (it is only dated if you look inside)

also from what i can see teq has given you a bit of play room for the future
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Sydney, New South Wales
991 posts
Or just grab a HAF Coolermaster case. S*** is cash.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3262 posts
I like some of the suggestions teq and it has some nice wiggle room for future use, might make that the base and just see how much extra cash i wana spend maybe bumping the gpu or cpu up a bit.
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Melbourne, Victoria
9997 posts
Definitely recommend Cooler Master cases. Mine doesn't look anything special, but during the build I just kept saying, "Wow!" because they've thought of everything to make putting s*** in and taking s*** out an absolute breeze.

teq's suggestion is really good.

If I was going to improve on that for a bit of cash I'd probably SLI 2x 2GB AMD Radeon HD6950's.

Cases are a bit of a waste of money in general, I'd go for teq's - but if you are into wasting money have a look at Silverstone Raven RV02-E case.
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Brisbane, Queensland
18437 posts
Thread hi-jack time. If I upgrade from a GTX285 to whatever the most modern thing is, will it make much of a difference in mw2/dirt3 when it comes out?

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Brisbane, Queensland
4406 posts
Teqs build has the old i7, wouldnt you go sandy vadge these days? 2500/k or 2600/k?
And dont the 960's need 3 memory sticks for triple channel?
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Sydney, New South Wales
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f*** yeah, Silverstone case would be grouse.
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Brisbane, Queensland
218 posts
Go a sandy bridge CPU (2500K, 2600K) with the new z68 chipset motherboard.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2881 posts
Nice thread timing. I have to put a PC together for the missus. Teq's config looks good, I'll just downgrade the vid card and power supply cause she won't be playing crysis any time soon ;)
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Melbourne, Victoria
5391 posts
If you're only going to run Dual channel memory, go with Sandy Bridge/1155. But yeah, if you want triple channel, go with the 960 or 970 as suggested above.
That would be my main suggestion.
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Get at least 4 monitors:
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Brisbane, Queensland
10827 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
3630 posts
Thread hi-jack time. If I upgrade from a GTX285 to whatever the most modern thing is, will it make much of a difference in mw2/dirt3 when it comes out?

no (285 is a powerhouse, and the modern cards have been slow with performance upping, only lower power consumption mostly). I think my 9800gx2 was only beaten by my newer gtx 470 by about 15-20%. You might even see a less if you're going to a 570 due to your superior 285. Unless you hit the 580 in which case you should see some good improvement, but it's pretty expensive.

Returning to thread topic

I'd probably do a sandybridge if you're for gaming. You lose out on the tri rate ram but that doesn't affect gaming as much as other operations so you end up with a huge net gain overall.

This is similar to what I specced for myself, except i skipped out on the video card and only got the i5 2500k instead.

I can play everything fine using a gtx 470 at pretty much highest settings, and i've got room to throw another one in there in sli.

Also get a different case to what I specced in there. I just threw something in for adding more price into the mix.

edit: included ram and case
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Brisbane, Queensland
3263 posts
i know nothing about pcs but how can ddr2 be better then dd3 overall? If i went ddr2 is that mobo u put in there sli teq? Also what's a decent ram brand these days, i've heard crucial but none of the reg places like umart / ca have it.

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Brisbane, Queensland
3631 posts
i know nothing about pcs but how can ddr2 be better then dd3 overall? If i went ddr2 is that mobo u put in there sli teq? Also what's a decent ram brand these days, i've heard crucial but none of the reg places like umart / ca have it.
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It's not ddr2

sandy bridge uses ddr 3

but it doesn't have them in tripple data rate.

IE: You use ddr3 in dual channel using 1155, but in the 1366 you use ddr3 in tripple channel.

edit: probably used the wrong terms, tried to fix that.

Edit2: i've edited that earlier post to INCLUDE ram this time. Lols. How I forgot it i don't know.

Also I've included the case that others reccomended cause it's cool.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6212 posts
Also what's a decent ram brand these days

Brand generally doesn't matter (except for el-cheapo no-name ones to avoid).

It's whether a specific model (regardless of brand) is known to work well with your chosen motherboard. You can google this for user experiences, or look at the memory compatibility list on the motherboard manufacturer's website, or better yet do both.

Just buying by brand doesn't guarantee anything.

Also, dual vs triple channel memory = no significant performance difference in the real world. Choose the motherboard/chip by the architecture and CPU features that you are after.
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Brisbane, Queensland
31921 posts
definately want a sandy vadge i5 rather than any older processor

they outperform or match i7s in just about all games

good writeup on cpus here,2926-3.html

Sandy Bridge is here, and Intel's new microarchitechture is fast. Initial test data suggests that the new Core i5-2400 can stand toe-to-toe with Core i7-900-series processors when it comes to game performance. We're not talking about the entry-level models, either. This affordable processor has the chops to compete with Intel's thousand-dollar Extreme Edition chips when it comes to enabling the highest frames per second.

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Brisbane, Queensland
3264 posts
Also when it comes to building PCs who does a good job? Because i aint gonna build it myself :p
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Gold Coast, Queensland
59 posts
It's not that hard, you just have to not be a total retard while building it (like screwing the mainboard directly to the case structure without any riser thingies).
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Brisbane, Queensland
3265 posts
yer but most places are like $70... when you're spending 1700 i'd rather drop another 70 so i don't run the chance of tarding it up
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Brisbane, Queensland
31922 posts
yer, problem with building it yourself, if ANYTHING goes wrong, it makes it so much more difficult.

i used to build all my systems myself, but have decided its just not worth the hassle if one component is dodgy, having to fight with the mob you bought your parts off to get it fixed under warranty.

much easier to rock up, pick up the system all working and have warranty piece of mind
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Brisbane, Queensland
220 posts
I agree with Spook in that if a part is DOA it can be a nightmare if you don't have any other parts to find out which part is faulty. But I will always build mine myself cause I know it will be done right. What suburb do you live in? If your not to far away I can help you build it if you want help.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3266 posts
Kenmore, couple slabs of beer if ya help out making it :D Gonna get a SilverStone R01 which apparently the R01 loves / needs bigger sata cables. CA don't have it so gonna have to do 90% ca / 10% umart
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Melbourne, Victoria
275 posts
i have the silverstone raven and its s*** its heavey as all f*** and there is no possible way of tidying up inside the case so the cables run over the top of the fans creating noise
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I got myself this system, maybe not perfect but I was getting the s**** with not knowing what parts to get and stuff. Was originally going for the 2600K but read that its just a waste of money and the 2500K is more than enough if youre only gaming. Could have gone ATI with the video card but then would have ended up spending more to get the right model and then the nvidia 570 or 580 make more sense.

1 x G.Skill 8GB DDR3 PC3-12800 DC Kit 0 €79,50 RMA aanvragen
1 x Intel Core i5 2500K Boxed 1 €169,90 RMA aanvragen
1 x Asus P8P67 PRO Rev.3.0 0 €147,80 RMA aanvragen
1 x MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II 1 €193,70 RMA aanvragen
1 x Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 SATA 1TB 1 €49,30 RMA aanvragen
1 x DELL U2311H 1 €209,90 RMA aanvragen
1 x Antec Three Hundred - EU 0 €55,80 RMA aanvragen
1 x Antec TP-650 EC 0 €97,80 RMA aanvragen
1 x Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Keyboard Win USB Port English International Europe CD 0 €57,70 RMA aanvragen
1 x Logitech MX 518 0 €29,80 RMA aanvragen
1 x Lite-On iHAS322 0 €19,50 RMA aanvragen
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Brisbane, Queensland
7148 posts
Teq what are you using there, ultramon ?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3267 posts
Ok so what do we reckon.

1 x Intel S1155 Core i7 2600K 3.4GHz Quad Core CPU UNLOCKED
1 x Coolermaster RC-830-SSN3 CM STACKER 830 SILVER SPECIAL (NO PS)
1 x Gigabyte S1155 GA-P67A-UD3RB3 Motherboard B3 Stepping
1 x DDR3 8GB G.Skill 1600MHz PC12800 Ripjaws RAM Kit
1 x NVIDIA GTX580 1536MB Gigabyte PCIe Video Card
1 x Antec Quattro 1000W Power Supply
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Brisbane, Queensland
7153 posts
Buy a Lian-Li then you will never need to buy a case again
05:32pm 12/05/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
263 posts
10+ years for my lian-li, money well spent, as i said it is only showing its age when you look inside

and it has survived 6 cpu's, 4mobo's 4 or 4 vid cards, and 3 psu's, and would easily keep a high end system nice and chilled with the cooling provided all those years ago, not many (if any?) other brand could manage that without some modding, sure the coolermasters and gigabyte cases looks good now, and most likely will do a better job than mine does now (and the layout would be a s*** load nicer to work on, but part of that is i've lost all but a few of the many thumb screws that got provided)

in short, spend a little extra dosh on a good case, something that looks good, but not fancy (fancy tends to date faster) piss off the plastic windows and crap (just plastic will only get grazed over time) black seems to be the current tend, but i like my brushed aluminium silver look, but thats just me,
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Brisbane, Queensland
10864 posts
its my dekstop machine at work jmr
ultramon + windows7 + 2 x gtx 460, i7 + 12gb ddr3
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