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Recommend me a Monitor?
Brisbane, Queensland
854 posts
Yes another one of "those" threads hehe

Guys, i have one of those huge footprint monitors and had resisted changing over to a new monitor on the possibly mistaken assumption that the skinny ones arent as good as the fat ones (how's that for technical speak!)

So, if you were looking for a good quality, larger, gaming oriented etc monitor, what would you recommend?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3350 posts
I was just looking at the Alienware 23" 120Hz. Seems to be getting good reviews, and even if you're not interested in 3D applications the 120Hz monitors are (allegedly) nicer to look at than the standard 60Hz.

Costs more than most monitors in that size range at $489.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3855 posts

Benq E2420 HD, awesome monitor and umart have it for $215.

Has Speakers built in, which are pretty average realy, but the best part is it gives you a 3.5mm line out and headphone out, so you can run your HDMI source in from your PC, PS3/XBOX 360 or HD set top box and then hookup speakers to the line out.

Mate has one and uses it for his TV with a HD set top box, for $215 you cant go wrong.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6412 posts
If I were to upgrade I would peruse the list of 3D capable monitors like the one StopShootingMe mentioned.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4127 posts
Dell 27" good monitor for the price
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Brisbane, Queensland
905 posts
I picked up a Viewsonic 23.6" monitor 2 weeks ago for $188 from umart. Looks great and is 5ms refresh.
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I can't read
Brisbane, Queensland
5216 posts
If you're a fan of your CRT because of the refresh rate / response / smoothness then I think you should definitely consider going for a 120Hz LCD. I bought a Samsung 2233RZ one ages ago and I'm still very, very happy with it (I suppose I wouldn't mind getting one which was 1920x1080 now).

BenQ, Dell (under their Alienware brand), Asus, Acer and even LG do 120Hz ones now. Samsung currently doesn't offer one I don't think. I believe there's a new one being released this year from them.

And no, I've never used it for 3D :)
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Other International
14457 posts
I've been using a Samsung BX-2350 LED monitor, it's pretty nice.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7139 posts
samsungs are always good, had my 22" samsung for years and never had a problem
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Brisbane, Queensland
3351 posts
The Dell monitors have been pretty good for years now. They make s***** desktops, but their laptops and monitors have a good reputation for a reason.

This Dell 2006 24" monitor just won't die, it seems. I want a fancier new model, but this thing keeps chugging along :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
856 posts
thanks for the tips guys, will check out them out :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
6170 posts
The Dell monitors have been pretty good for years now. They make s***** desktops, but their laptops and monitors have a good reputation for a reason.

This. I have a Dell U2410 and it's still the best 24" monitor I've seen in that price bracket. Plus it's not at a s***** 16:9 aspect ratio like pretty much 99% of what's out there.
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Brisbane, Queensland
796 posts
I went from a benq 24" lcd (purchased about 5 years ago) to a asus 27inch lcd about 2 weeks ago...

Very happy - for $380 odd dollars you can't go wrong.
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Brisbane, Queensland
857 posts
hello 59fifty, got a model number for me? :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
798 posts
sure mate - its the ASUS VE276Q 27

2ms response, has speakers behind it which can come in handy, inputs are: 1vga, 1dvi, 1hdmi, 1displayport, also has quite a slim bezel to.

No trouble recommending it for gaming.
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