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Server Reinstall please...
New Zealand
42 posts
Hey there,

Can I get a reinstall on my server please....
Hardly use this server, cos it never stays up for more than 10 mins, and usually cant connect to it due to UDP port error.....
We tried to start it this morning for the first time in ages, and as soon as it got 4 players, it kicked everyone, and UDP port error...

Will cancel it at months end due to this.
No way to raise a support ticket on my account.... So have to post asking for a reinstall in a forum... lol

Have 4 other servers up with other GSPs, thank god for a support system that functions, and being able to issue a reinstall

Cheers in advance,

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New Zealand
45 posts
Gotta love the high level of service you receive here! :)

Thats why all my servers are elsewhere now !!!!!

Dont worry about it AusGamers...... Your really are not interested it has been apparent for quite a long time now :)

Quick to take everyones money, but hopeless @ support or answering or actually even RESPONDING.....

Last AusGamers server cancelled, the overseas crowds can have all my money :)
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AusGamers Editor
Brisbane, Queensland
11958 posts
Hi SnotGoblin,

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying the AusGamers service, and we welcome any and all criticism as it helps us learn and grow into a service that you, the player wants.

We've been experiencing a number of issues in the past week that has had our time taken away from answering tickets in hopes that we can further increase stability and performance on everyone's servers. Currently Battlefield 4 is running optimally, however not as efficient as we want and this is something we are working on now. I understand that this issue has been prevalent for awhile now and is rather frustrating, but it is something that relies on both DICE and ourselves, and is sadly not an instant fix.

We understand your frustration when a support ticket isn't answered in a timely manner, but hopefully you can understand that we are trying our hardest to get this service to the best it can, and hopefully that is reflected as time goes on. Currently we do not offer 24/7 support like other GSP's, but what we do try to offer is a friendly and local service, something that we plan to evolve in the future through new service setups and better site layouts.

Again, we are sad to see you go but hopefully in the future you can take a look at us again and hopefully see more value in us.
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