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Banned players still able to spectate
Gold Coast, Queensland
1 posts
So I banned a player from one of our servers today and he was then able to go on spectate mode and abuse players. When in spectator mode procon was unable to kick him...the only work around i came up with was to edit the spectators list and not have his name in it...but that seems like a pain in the ass. Does anyone know of this? Or how to over come it?
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Sydney, New South Wales
29 posts
I guess you could use Insane Limits to create a list of players you want to keep out of spectator mode and write a limit that either checks on join, or runs at an interval, to kick the player if they are on that list.
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Melbourne, Victoria
48 posts
Banned using Procon or Punkbuster?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
2 posts
Initially using procon, but whils in spectate also using pb. This did not remove the player either as far as i could tell.
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Other International
38 posts
Yeah this happened to us to a week ago too. Unfortunately at the moment I don't think there is anything we can do about it. Through trial and error I've found that if you lock out the general public from getting into the spectator slots it's changes your server to custom which of course limits your exposure in the browser server.

It obviously isn't well known that you can still get into spectator slots so it's not a big problem yet however once it does become common knowledge I can really see this becoming a problem. I think it's going to be worthwhile asking the procon developers to add a facility to remove spectators.
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