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Battlefield 4 - Server "Crashes" / Drops all players every...
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I am starting this thread cause currently our 32 slot battlefield 4 server (which was rented on the 25/04/2014) is & has been dropping all players & then "crashing" (though it still shows as live / up) but stays unreachable after these events.

Funny thing is, it shows up in Battlelog after these "crashes" but can cannot be connected too, it just throws connection errors.

To make it reachable I have to manually restart multiple times before it can be connected too. And even then it will drop/crash after about one full round or after a couple hours up are restarts.

This is exactly the same as in this thread: http://www.ausgamers.com/forums/gsr/thread.php/3411229

I have tried the server in multiple different configurations, covering TDM & Conquest varieties & maps but with no luck in reaching a solution to these drops & "crashes".

When reviewing the logs in game create, you can only see when I start, stop & restart the server, none of these drops/crashes show up which seems odd. It is like the server stays up but closes all ports & refuses connections after the drops.

Thing is, we have other servers with Game Servers & this isn't like the "Blaze" back-end connection drops they have; with Blaze it is a complete crash, as in the server restarts after each event & disappears from Battelog till it completes the restart.

To add to how strange this issue is to me is there is other servers that are hosted by AG that seem to have no issues i.e.:

> 28th's Conquest Server
> L4's TDM Server

The only thing I am looking for is a solution or help with this weird server drops/"crashes"; its been 2 1/2 days since we bought the hosting & we have a game server that doesn't stay up & users avoid because of this issue.

I really don't want to pay for a month of crashes & non-use.

Also I don't want to have to get a refund for the hosting as I love the server tools you use for server creation/maintenance.

Thanks in advance for your help!


History of Reporting: I have submitted two contact forms, one last night & one this morning about this issue & have yet to have any response from AG staff.

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Good luck getting a reply i have 6 servers put in tickets got no replys only invoices.
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