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AusGamers Server Rentals Patch 1.1 Notes
AusGamers Editor
Brisbane, Queensland
11650 posts
With our new Server Rental program now out in the wild for Australian gamers to enjoy, we've decided to give you a sneak peek at our first major update. This update is currently in development and implements a number of features that our community has requested.

While we don't yet have an exact date on when this first patch will be rolled out, you can check out the patch notes below and let us know what you think of the new changes. All feedback is welcome, and you can expect further improvements on our service including new games to rent (Minecraft, Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2 to name a few) and more features to play with as time goes by.

Server Rentals:
  • The interface for ordering a server has been updated

  • You can now purchase multiple Server Rental Subscriptions at the same time

  • Billing Cycles are now available for 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 Months
  • Billing:
  • Three Payment Methods are now available: AusGamers Credit, Credit Card and PayPal

  • You can set up a PayPal Billing Agreement with AusGamers for Server Rentals Subscriptions

  • You can have multiple Credit Cards & PayPal Billing Agreements associated with your account

  • You can have your Subscription automatically draw from your Credit Pool before your regular Payment Method and this can be set on a per Server Subscription basis
  • Credit:
  • You can have a Credit pool associated with your account

  • You can purchase with a Credit Card or PayPal (minimum AU$5.00)

  • You can receive Credit from other users through ClanPay

  • You can set your Server Subscription(s) to automatically draw from your credit pool

  • You can set your Server Subscriptions to only charge from your credit pool

  • Your credit cannot be transferred to an external financial source such as a Bank Account or PayPal account.
  • ClanPay:
  • Users can enable ClanPay on their account to receive AusGamers Credit

  • You can donate to someone using your Credit Card or PayPal (min AU$5.00)

  • You can donate anonymously

  • You can leave a public message next to your donation

  • You can make a private request to users donating, for example - asking for a community name or identifier to be used to give donation privileges
  • 05:22pm 12/03/14 Permalink
    05:22pm 12/03/14 Permalink
    5 posts
    any news on a date yet?
    09:08pm 14/04/14 Permalink
    AusGamers Editor
    Brisbane, Queensland
    11957 posts
    We are working towards getting the update out this week, however with the timing of holidays we may have to delay until end of April to ensure we have the most amount of time available for bug responses.
    11:23am 15/04/14 Permalink
    6 posts
    any news on this yet?
    07:19pm 25/04/14 Permalink
    AusGamers Editor
    Brisbane, Queensland
    12075 posts
    We are doing some internal testing with the new features, including a brand-new ticketing system thanks to all the feedback we've received. We are hoping to get it out before end of this month however as I stated before the national holidays haven't helped.
    10:41am 26/04/14 Permalink
    Gold Coast, Queensland
    3 posts
    Is this still happening?
    08:26pm 21/05/14 Permalink
    AusGamers Editor
    Brisbane, Queensland
    12319 posts
    At this time the only thing we are waiting for is PayPal ticking us off and then its just a matter of hitting the green "GO" button.
    10:52am 22/05/14 Permalink
    Sydney, New South Wales
    33 posts
    At this time the only thing we are waiting for is PayPal ticking us off and then its just a matter of hitting the green "GO" button.

    Awesome. :D
    10:47pm 24/05/14 Permalink
    10:47pm 24/05/14 Permalink
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