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BF4 Server slot options with/without Spectator and Commander
Melbourne, Victoria
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I have been very happy with my Ausgamers server. I'm considering downgrading my 70 slot hardcore server to ~40 slots with no spectators and 'probably' no Commander. Commander seems somewhat redundant in hardcore and often isn't used on my server as far as I can tell.

I understand with 70 slot I get 64 players + 2 Commanders + 4 Spectators. I also understand I can disable Commander and Spectator slots but I don't necessarily want to pay for slots I'm not using if I can avoid it appreciably.

What's the rule of thumb for slot allocation with the other Ausgamers offerings? 38 slots seems closest to my goal of 20/20 players. Is this the product I'm after or is the 38 slot in fact 16/16 + 2 Commanders + 4 Spectators?

When I was shopping around at when BF4 one of the overseas providers provided a handy slot breakdown in their server slot selector but I haven't been able to relocate this - or any relevant info that might help after a fair Googling. If anyone can assist, it would be much appreciated.

I would be very happy with 20/20 + 2 Commander option (42 slots) if available!

Thank you.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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You can do whatever you like with the first 64 slots. Beyond 64 the slots can only be used for commanders and spectators.

So: if you take a 40 slot server you can have 20/20 with 0 commanders and 0 spectators, or 10/10 with 2 commanders and 18 spectators. Well, I think you can have 18 spectators, I haven't really tried it personally.

There is one restriction: if you configure the server in a way that requires commanders (for example, if you set your server to "RANKED NORMAL" or "OFFICIAL" and pick a game mode that has commanders) then you'll have 2 slots for commanders whether you like it or not.

So, in your case, if you want to guarantee 20v20 combat in any configuration and game mode, take a 42 slot server.

I've added an option for 42 slot servers for you. :)
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Hello Malthius,

Love your work! Belated thanks for getting back to me with this informative follow up, much appreciated! I'll steer clear of that 18 spectator option (I'm shy) but I will certainly take you up on the 42 :)

As much as I love 64 player chaos it can be too much for some gamestyles and tends to discourage some of my friends. I'll look forward to seeing what 42 brings!

Thank you, good sir.
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