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Server stuck at 800 tickets!
Melbourne, Victoria
3 posts
One of the servers I rent from here, its stuck on 800 tickets! The server isn't set to official, it's set to ranked, so I should be able to crank the tickets all the way up to 200. However no matter what i do, either i change it in procon, or change it in the startup configuration, on the next round, it will start at 800 tickets! My other server doesn't have this issue! Please help!

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Brisbane, Queensland
36 posts
to get mine to 3200 tickets I had to set the preset to custom not normal :)
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New Zealand
41 posts
Yup you need your preset on Custom, not normal :)

Normal Ranked = 800 tickets

Custom Ranked = any amount of tickets you desire
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Perth, Western Australia
31 posts
Set whatever tickets you like then set a PB task to set normal mode every x amount of minutes....
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Melbourne, Victoria
4 posts
Thanks guys, however i have fixed the problem. The issue was in pbsv.cfg for some reason i had to change the code to:

pb_sv_task 0 -1 maplist.load
%preset% == hardcorepb_sv_task 0 -1 vars.preset "hardcore"%preset% == normalpb_sv_task 0 -1 vars.preset "normal"

The code was slightly different before, and this caused the server to only stick on 800 tickets. No matter what i tried. Anyways thanks for the suggestions.
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Perth, Western Australia
34 posts
-1 is run once, I guess if it works it works but generally it's required to be run each round not just at start up.
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Adelaide, South Australia
20 posts
The servers have a hard limit while set as NORMAL. you can only adjust the tickets so much before as it has been mentioned you have to change it over to custom.
I know the hard limit in reducing the ticket amount is is 75% which means if it is 800ticket CQ map the lowest you can go is 600 tickets however I am unsure what the hard limit is in the opposite direction
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