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What servers are you running?
Brisbane, Queensland
25 posts

Thought i'd ask you regulars to post what servers you run so i could check out what else this ausgamers community is upto on BF4

myself i run 2 servers CQ64 and Mixed Objective 32...

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Melbourne, Victoria
20 posts

Undecided Gamers currently run 1 server Mixed Mode Hardcore!

I am a member of the GCN, and would be happy to organise a scrim with you guys after x-mas if you'd be down? As well as any other clans/communities that post here!

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Mackay, Queensland
69 posts

Running at moment 3 server

ToXiC-1-Official-24-7-Conquest-Votemaps 64 slot Normal

ToXiC-HC-RUSH-Vanilla-maps-VoteMap 36 slot Hardcore

ToXiC-Mix-Rush-Dom-Defuse-China-Rising-VoteMap 30 slot Normal

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Sydney, New South Wales
17 posts
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