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BF4 Server not running mixed modes?
Sydney, New South Wales
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currently I have the following maps set:

Levels/MP/MP_Abandoned/MP_Abandoned Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Tremors/MP_Tremors Rush32 1
Levels/MP/MP_Damage/MP_Damage Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_TheDish/MP_TheDish Rush32 1
Levels/MP/MP_Journey/MP_Journey Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Siege/MP_Siege Rush32 1
Levels/MP/MP_Naval/MP_Naval Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Resort/MP_Resort Rush32 1
Levels/MP/MP_Prison/MP_Prison Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Prison/MP_Prison Rush32 1
Levels/MP/MP_Resort/MP_Resort Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Naval/MP_Naval Rush32 1
Levels/MP/MP_Siege/MP_Siege Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Journey/MP_Journey Rush32 1
Levels/MP/MP_TheDish/MP_TheDish Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Damage/MP_Damage Rush32 1
Levels/MP/MP_Tremors/MP_Tremors Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Abandoned/MP_Abandoned Rush32 1

The server used to run these in a mixed mode, however not it seems to only want to do one or the other? Can somebody let me know how to fix this so I can fix it my self in future if it happens :O?

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South Australia
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Try doing it in procon?
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