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Maplist not going across correctly.
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Last night I added the four new maps in conquest and rush modes to our maplist.

After applying them what has ended up on the server is very different. It is only showing the maps which were set as conquest and ignoring the rest.

Is this something I have done wrong or is this part of the release balls up and will fix itself shortly?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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DICE appear to have changed the format for the maplist. It still accepts


as the level name for the original maps, but it will now also accept just

However, it will only accept


as the level name for the new maps, not:



I've altered your maplist to adjust for this, and I'll update the defaults for everyone soon.
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Ahh thanks for that Malthius.

Nice of Dice to warn everyone in advance of that. Hell even the documentation doesn't mention that.

Out of curiosity though how are the servers dealing with the new maps? I jumped on our server and flew around all the maps and was finding lag spikes with just me on the server.
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South Australia
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So now we just do....

MP_Tremors ConquestLarge0 1
XP_001 ConquestLarge0 1
XP_002 ConquestLarge0 1 etc..

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Generally performance has been improved in the current release.

I just checked the performance of your server over the last four hours and it reported almost no issues, so if you felt lag we'll have to watch it carefully.
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It was intermittent and seemed to happen on all of the new maps. It could be the new clients fault so I wouldn't worry too much yet till we can test it out properly. I get frequent crashing but the gameplay itself is pretty smooth. Or it was.
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