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Banning a Player Via startup.txt
Sydney, New South Wales
51 posts
I have banned a player in Procon

this is his EA GUID (which is publicly viewable through our GameMe

however it recognises this as PB Guid but GameMe says it his

But I wish to make it permanent because Procon loses this information sometimes so I think it should be in the startup.txt
or banlist.txt

What is the format/syntax to do this and which file should it be put in?
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Sydney, New South Wales
52 posts
I have worked this out by reading the documentation
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Brisbane, Queensland
21 posts
can you link me i am looking to do this too?
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Mackay, Queensland
48 posts
you don't use the startup.txt like wtf
you use banlist.txt or just use procon to ban

Ban system by banlist.txt
The game server has an internal ban system. This system is independent from PunkBuster’s banlist.
At startup, ban entries are read from the file named banlist.txt. During runtime, the banList.* commands can be used to manipulate the banlist.
Players can be banned either on their soldier name, or on their EA GUID.
Banning someone on their soldier name is not particularly effective – if it’s a determined “griefer” then he/she will just create a new soldier and return.
Banning someone on their EA GUID is much more effective.
To find out someone’s EA GUID, perform admin.serverInfo while that person is playing on your server.
Or – inspect the AdminLog.
People can be banned either for a few seconds, until the end of the current round, or permanently.
The banlist can contain up to 10.000 entries

banlist.txt format
Each entry in the banlist occupies 5 lines.
The first line specifies what the ban is on:
guid – ban on EA GUID name – ban on soldier name ip – ban on game client IP address
The second line specifies the GUID/name/IP that the ban applies to
The third line specifies the duration of the ban:
perm – permanent round – until the end of the current round seconds – until the given time is reached
The fourth line contains the timestamp for a “seconds”-type ban; otherwise it is unused.
The fifth line contains the reason for being banned. Max length 80 characters.
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New Zealand
13 posts
LOL startup.txt is for your server startup and config....ban list has always been separate for BF based games?

The procon ban list is ok, but be warned they have a tendancy to "die" if you run multiple servers and have lots of bans ;)

Best bet is to use a plugin like Adkats or Metabans for managing your bans, especially if you run multiple servers :)

Never ban by Player name, as its 2 mins work for them to change it, and be straight back on your server..... Always ban via EA GUID.
Metabans and PBbans make it easy to track players who change their in game names as well....
You can also watch players, and add admin notes for other server admins....

<3 Metabans :)
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Sydney, New South Wales
62 posts
Well I have banned these players from our server
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