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Map List and Modes Name Problem
Sydney, New South Wales
2 posts

I am trying to run my server with smaller maps. IE: Not the Large Variant of the Map. I can't find what the command should be to run the smaller version of the map. I'm not sure if there is one for Obliteration? My current map list is below. If an admin could reply and let me know what I should type for the game mode to be the smaller map, that would be great.

I've tried Rush32, RushSmall0, etc... It doesn't work. It just comes up with the first map in BattleLog, which is the Obliteration mode. I'm not sure if that Obliteration mode is the 64 player version. If so, can you please give me the command for the smaller version? :) Thank you kindly.

Levels/MP/MP_Abandoned/MP_Abandoned Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Tremors/MP_Tremors RushLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Damage/MP_Damage Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_TheDish/MP_TheDish RushLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Journey/MP_Journey Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Siege/MP_Siege RushLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Naval/MP_Naval Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Resort/MP_Resort RushLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Prison/MP_Prison Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Prison/MP_Prison RushLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Resort/MP_Resort Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Naval/MP_Naval RushLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Siege/MP_Siege Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Journey/MP_Journey RushLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_TheDish/MP_TheDish Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Damage/MP_Damage RushLarge0 1
Levels/MP/MP_Tremors/MP_Tremors Obliteration 1
Levels/MP/MP_Abandoned/MP_Abandoned RushLarge0 1
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Other International
11 posts
As far as I am aware there are only large and small versions of conquest maps. ie ConquestSmall0 and ConquestLarge0

The code name for the rush modes do have large at the end but I don't think there are small versions available.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1113 posts
These are the currently supported modes for all the maps:

Engine Name;Human-Readable Name;Intended max player count
SquadDeathMatch0;Squad Deathmatch;16
TeamDeathMatch0;Team Deathmatch;24
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Sydney, New South Wales
18 posts
Hi Malthius, what is the current default format for the maplist ?
I am planning to set up my 36 slot server with mixed modes.

Some of the maps:

Zavod 311 - Rush
Operation Locker - Obliteration
Silk Road - Conquest

Could you translate these above examples in the correct format ? I have the the Engine names for the vanilla maps, where can I find the documentation for the China Rising maps ? ( I could look up procon)
Is there anything else I need to change on the server settings for this to work?
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Perth, Western Australia
43 posts
Here's the map list... you'd then apply the applicable game mode, player count just as Brendan has.

China Rising maps only work on air superiority, mode.

Base game:
MP_Abandoned (Zavod 311)
MP_Damage (Lancang Dam)
MP_Flooded (Flood Zone)
MP_Journey (Golmud Railway)
MP_Naval (Paracel Storm)
MP_Prison (Operation Locker)
MP_Resort (Hainan Resort)
MP_Siege (Siege of Shanghai)
MP_TheDish (Rogue Transmission)
MP_Tremors (Dawnbreaker)

China Rising
XP1_001 (Silk Road)
XP1_002 (Altai Range)
XP1_003 (Guilin Peaks)
XP1_004 (Dragon Pass)

Game Modes:
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Sydney, New South Wales
19 posts
Thanks Phenom
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