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Max Players Problem
Sydney, New South Wales
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I have purchased a 38 Slot Server, set the preset to Hardcore, and set Spectators to 0.

However, upon refreshing, it still only states its a 32 player server.

Is is possible to have this server run with 36 players instead of the 32?

Also, is it possible to remove commanders and still have the server show up as "Hardcore" Preset and not "Custom"

Thank you kindly :)
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Bump! :)
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Mackay, Queensland
37 posts
try under Configuration tab , scroll down to Basic Server Configuration part, change Player Count Lock: to 36
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Didn't work :( Doing that wouldn't even bring the server up in the Game Browser!
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Did you have custom set on your filters? Modding player counts sets server as custom as well.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10840 posts
Hi there,

Removing commanders at this moment will put your server as custom, rather than your defined preset. It is something that DICE are looking into fixing but we have no real ETA on when this will be fixed.

The way that Battlefield 4 works is that if you were to rent a server with 38 slots, 4 of those are used for spectators and 2 are used for commanders which puts the server at 34 slots.

Player counts are also dictated by the mode of play, in this case your server runs a mixture which causes it to report as 32 but allow 34 players to join.

As requested I've set your player count to 36 slots with two commander spots.
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Sydney, New South Wales
7 posts
Thank you kindly!
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