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BF4: Default Configuration Change Log.
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This thread will list changes made to the default configuration for BF4. These changes will be applied to any customer's server that hasn't overridden the changes.

- altered all maplist properties and templates to reflect new map naming convention.

- altered the game mode property to allow selection of "Air Superiority". Please note this mode only works on the China Rising maps.
- added three templates (add a template from the configuration page for your server) that define new default maplists - vanilla maps, china rising maps, and all maps. You can use this as a base to edit from.

- altered pbsv.cfg to add a pb_sv_task to set normal presets on startup as a workaround for some unknown bug causing some customer's servers to start as custom even though all required variables were correct and vars.preset normal true appeared in the startup.txt file.

- added new property and new file spectators.txt to permit restricting spectators to only approved spectator list. Property is on by default, meaning not restricted. Added variable to startup.txt

- altered options for all punkbuster configuration files. No content changes were made, but now the files will be written on each server start, overwriting whatever is on the server. This should prevent an issue where customers with streaming services find the streaming service overwriting a valid config. This is only a change to the default, customers can override this behaviour on their own servers if they wish to not use GameCreate to configure PunkBuster.
- altered pbucon.use to improve clarity of included configuration instructions.

- altered pbsv.cfg to fix a typo in the previous pb_task setup.
- altered startup.txt to add support for teamkill cvars (vars.teamKillKickForBan etc).
- altered properties generally to better group related properties.
- removed support for vars.crosshair as a property. It has been in the documentation since the start of BF4, I don't think it has ever done anything.

- altered pbsv.cfg to run the pb_task for hardcore every 60 seconds.

- altered pbsv.cfg to remove pb_task setting vars.gameModeCounter. This is now clamped to 100 on normal or hardcore servers, so altering via a repeating task is no longer recommended.
- added a new property "Preset Lock" (%presetlock%) that will lock your server on the preset you select, ignoring any changes (via config files, rcon or any other method) that would change the preset. This is off by default, but set to on in both the Normal and Hardcore templates, so any customers with these templates applied will have this set to true. This can be disabled temporarily via rcon by using the command "vars.preset normal false" (or vars.preset hardcore false).
- altered startup.txt to include the new preset lock property in vars.preset line.
- altered both normal and hardcore templates to include idle timeout 300 and gameModeCounter (tickets) 100, as these are now required for the presets to show in BattleLog.
- altered pbsv.cfg to re-add a pb_task for hardcore servers to set the preset. Seriously.

- altered pbgeneralsettings.cfg to default to our pb screenshot uploader program. (Customers who want pb screenshots uploaded to an ftp still must log a job with the details, this just avoids needing to edit the file for each customer).

- added reservedSlotsList.aggressiveJoin to startup.txt, set via a property "Reserved Slots: Aggressive:" on the configuration page (in the "Basic Server Configuration" section).

- added a pb_task to pbsv.cfg as a workaround for normal and hardcore presets overwrting the ticket count on startup.

- removed pb_task lines from pbsv.cfg file. Server no longer loads maplist and preset after load as this is no longer necessary.

- altered startup.txt file to re-expose all configuration variables no matter what preset is selected. vars.preset %preset% at the end will now override any configuration settings, so no need to hide them.
- added "" around server message and server description entries.
- removed vars.serverBannerUrl - DICE did not intend to allow these and it has been disabled since the R6 patch.

- altered default startup.txt file to call vars.preset %preset% at the end of the file. This should ensure that servers show the correct mode (hardcore, normal) in battlelog by overriding any configuration options that aren't permitted in that mode. Once this is properly tested I'll make further changes to the default configurations to give as much freedom as possible within the presets.

- altered default pbsv.cfg file to load normal preset on normal servers. Same workaround as hardcore yesterday. Next server build _should_ fix this.

- altered default pbsv.cfg file to load hardcore preset on hardcore servers. This is a workaround for hardcore not being properly set on startup.
- renamed "Player Cap" property to "Player Count Lock:" and moved to top of detailed settings. This is used to force high slot count servers to keep their high player cap on small game modes (e.g. a 64 slot server running 64 slots in a 20 slot game mode).
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