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Procon Layer
Melbourne, Victoria
31 posts
For those that are keen to get their own Procon Layer set up there are several options available. Until Ausgamers have the option to rent one you could get one from another supplier or create one yourself.

To create one yourself I would suggest renting a VPS from Mammoth VPS and for $10 a month you could have quite a few layers with out any issues at all. I have been running 2 layers with hardly any usage at all. Though I will install Apache, MySQL and set up a stats page once the BF4 stats plugin is converted.

Once you have your vps follow the instructions from https//

Only thing you will need to install is mono and your set to go.

If this is all to hard then you can pay $ from another supplier, there are some independent suppliers around at competitive prices as well and provide stats collection as well.
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04:33pm 03/11/13 Permalink
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We got ours running on Linux.

Was so easy to do, just takes forever to install mono...

Anyone wants a hand feel free to ask ill be more than happy to assist.
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Melbourne, Victoria
32 posts
I ended up installing whatever I could to get It running

sudo apt-get install mono-runtime

sudo apt-get install monodevelop
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Yep, found it didnt work with versions >2.10 of mono so i manually installed 2.10 myself.

the only real problem i had was getting my to run under my user.

The file which has this:
cd /home/xpkiller/PRoCon_1.2.0.0
mono-service2 -l:./proconservice.lock PRoCon.Service.exe

Comes up with mono-service2 command not found, i think i need to install the runtime and dev builds too.

right now though im running it through a screen (not the best option but works)
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Melbourne, Victoria
33 posts
Yep screen ftw that's what I ended up doing
08:23am 04/11/13 Permalink
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Yea no go on getting it working yet for me, mono is pretty crap as it stands... but it works so that will be good enough.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4 posts
Adsa, in your initial link to the actual link is missing the : in https:// but it's there in the text.

I was looking into this on the weekend but didn't consider hosting it myself. I'll definitely try this out when I get home.
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Melbourne, Victoria
34 posts
Thanks Fixed.

As long as you follow the instructions it is pretty straight forward
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