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DNF at E3 This Year
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Saw over at the Shack that George Broussard has posted to the 3DRealms forums announcing that they'll be showing some Duke Nukem Forever over at E3 this year.
We'll do a video showing off tons of actual gameplay (not just scripted events), so you can all see it's a game. It's not going to be a "fluff" video and it should crush the E3 98 video in every conceivable way.

We'll probably make this video available in high res format after E3.
There's also a bit in there saying again how they'll be not doing what everyone else is and releasing a bunch of screenshots.
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So, they're saying that they aren't gonna hype their game up heaps...

*INSTEAD* They're hyping the fact that they aren't hyping their game.

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no slogans
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I heard that DNF was getting a big simulataneous release in a week or so.
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Quake 2 engine and more weapons than you can poke a stick at?

Counterstrike and Quake 3 go and get F***ED


Can't wait for DNF to come out, just hope they don't take too long with it like f** romero did with his ugly daikatana.

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its been the changed to the UT engine for a long time man
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