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Shacknews in Trouble
AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
1432 posts
With the recent slow-but-steady crash in Internet advertising trends, its left the ShugaShack crew in a bit of trouble due to significantly decreased funds. Today, sCary (Steve Gibson) posted an item requesting some assistance in keeping the Shack afloat:
Many of you guys probably saw this coming. Well this day is here. After carefully evaluating the financial situation surrounding this website we're in an economical jam. Money that was contractually owed to us got yanked out from under our nose and we got burned pretty good. Shack, myself, and Maarten need your help. Specifically donations. If you've ever spent a few hours here and had a great time and thought "Damn these guys deserve to get $ for this work!" then here you go.
Fortunately, QGL (and AusGamers) doesn't (yet :) depend on any external revenue streams to continue providing our web services (thanks to WebCentral) - I wonder if we were in a similar situation how many people would donate cash?
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Brisbane, Queensland
116 posts
I would donate at least tree-fiddy
12:56pm 07/03/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
19 posts
id donate fiddy fi cen, id donate more but some c*** banned my ip in irc
01:00pm 07/03/01 Permalink
New South Wales
168 posts
I would donate my body and you could sell bits and pieces to buthers all over the world !
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Mental Patient
22 posts
id donate cash n shiyt if u got some decent ppl to updat n post msgs on da msg board and also if there was more porn (hardcor)_ and also if there was free stuf to be given away on durin the weeks or woteva and i would usually win this thingz and also if ther was if i oculd run the plac how i wantd it and ppl to bring me food for doin stuff n also if ther wads mor ppl that did cool stuff round ere and also if i could get fasty dloads to the place fadster than anyone else so i would and my computer was connectd to qlgl then i would donate
02:56pm 07/03/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1512 posts
i would donate a 486 sx 25
03:04pm 07/03/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
20 posts
Mental patient your my new favorite player..
04:10pm 07/03/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
96 posts
Serves him right for leaving a games company to run a website ;p

But seriously, I can understand and would/have happily supported sites that say "Hey, no more ads, just donations", like Penny-Arcade. But, alas, the shack is keeping ads.

From the sounds of things, the donations are just going to make up the five-figure USD debt that they have, and are in no way going to fix them long term.

Which raises the question - if SomethingAwful can get $3,000US a month with its one-unique-hit-per-day formula, how much must the 'Shack be getting? And then, how much of that must be just thrown away on useless stuff for them to be tens of thousands of dollars in debt?

The OldManMurray response covers it well

> Sadly my fiance was forced to drop out of school to work at an optometrists to help cover bills.

Maybe if you could cut the cutting and pasting time down to 3 hours a day - you could get a job? How selfish is that? You couldn't give up your updating 15 stories a day - or budget your time better so your girlfriend could stay in school? If you are that selfish to your finacee - what about your readers????
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Brisbane, Queensland
124 posts
i understand that PA though gets revenue through other things like the sale of tshirts, books, theyre comics in magazines etc etc so it quite isnt the same thing as shack..
05:34pm 07/03/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
97 posts
Yeah, but the crux of it is that they're getting money directly via the viewers of strip, rather than from an ad network.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19 posts
i thought trog was leading up to his new poll ....

08:25pm 07/03/01 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
33 posts
Id donate if Trog agreed to whore himself to me for atleast a week. ;)
03:24am 08/03/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
107 posts
I would give 2 dorrah....
or if ur lucky tree fiddy=)

nah seriously i would donate some ammount of money =)

sif we wouldnt.....
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Brisbane, Queensland
190 posts
i reckon we have a trial run to see if donting helps.

instead of an "save qgl fund" itll be "lets all buy freewheelin a new pc fund"

im sure we (you) could scrape up a few thousand bux for this trial run. if this works, we can be assured that if qgl ever needs support from us, itll be there.

ive donated $4 to this fund already.

please support this worthy cause.

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