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RIP Bradman
AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
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One of Australia's greatest sporting heros, Sir Donald Bradman, passed away last night at the grand old age of 92. has a great overview of his career as the world's greatest batsman.
Bradman's Test average of 99.94 runs per innings during his unparalleled 20-year career made him the game's ultimate icon.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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yeah one of my mates, his grandfather apparently used to play with him. Was on the news and everything. Bad luck einstien that so owns your SMG story.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I have little to no interest in cricket, but it'll be rad if we get a public holiday out of it.
04:10am 27/02/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Yeah it's "Don Day" no school =P

and rza you're a f** =P
05:37am 27/02/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Hey i wonder who all his base belong to now?

sorry couldnt resist
07:42am 27/02/01 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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me............heheh nah don was a champion cricket player : )
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Brisbane, Queensland
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heh, if i remember correctly, didn't that old aussie captain nearly beat bradman's average? only to decided not to? :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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yeah that was me i decided against it cause i have respect for the i have respect for all pll who are gods : )
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Brisbane, Queensland
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There has and never will be another cricketer who could beat "The DON's" average of 99.94, he would have got "100", but he got a DUCK on his last innings, the next closet average to him is like 60
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Brisbane, Queensland
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gomer, it was mark taylor, and it was a choice of beating Bradman's highest score 334... the fact that he was not out beat him anyway :)

but no one as come even remotely clsoe to beating Don's average of 99.94
its s***, he needed only 4 in his last innings for him to get an average of 100 :(

anyway, tahts your info for today

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Farewell Sir Don. Now our Australian Icon has passed, who will take his place, not literally of course. ooher
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Sydney, New South Wales
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No one can take his place...he was simply too good.

99.94 average...Tendulkar's is 57 or so?

Considering Tendulkar is the worlds best batsman at the moment...

I think every kid who plays cricket wants to be like Bradman, and I don't think that will stop for a long time.

Its great that someone who was so good was so humble and gracious about it too. He didn't go on and on about it forever (are you listening Dawn Fraser? :P). So rare in the world...

Top bloke.
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From the footage I've seen he was a really entertaining batsman too, unlike alot of modern players. Sometimes I think they take the game a bit too seriously these days - there just isn't the cricket spirit there was with Bradman and his team.
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Tim Tibbetts
Brisbane, Queensland
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Well as he mentioned in his interview the game was different then. It is now a job, you get paid enough to live and reasonably well might I add if you are an Aussie Cricket player....He said that they were Amateurs and the people today are professionals.

Although if its not fun..then whats the point
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Brisbane, Queensland
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i saw the darndest thing in the sorta reflected the mood that Bradman took in his later life, the whole take the spotlight off me sorta deal...
anyway it was about a young reporter who was hot on the heels of a breaking cricket story, he rings up The Don and asks, " Im sorry to disturb you Sir Don, but I was wondering..." Bradman breaks in, "No you're not sorry, If you were you wouldn't have called".

Put simply, the man was a figure for an Australia that was reeling the effects of Post World War 2, they needed someone to look to for "leadership", he stood up and accepted the challenge, taking the whole of Australia with him......

I suppose the Card looks like this now
Bradman D Bowled Illness & oldage, for 92
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Poor taste aside, I've already heard a few of the first Bradman jokes (if you want to call them that) going around....

He's on his final ashes tour, and,
he's fielding in the deep.

Meh, there's gotta be better material around ;)
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Sydney, New South Wales
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One thing that people forget is that he performed on s*** wickets, where it had been raining for say 3 day straight, and they had to go out and play on uncertain wickets...which made it even better...they say that averages back in those days should have been doubled to give a true indication...:)
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trog i already started started a post about this please stop spamming the forums
11:29pm 27/02/01 Permalink
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Ludo f*** of you ass ramming piece of s***.

I think its interesting that Don never like the idea of becoming a polititian. That was one of the questions Ray Martin asked him in that interview that was on on monday night. I think a lot of people in Australia woulda been very keen to see him as Prime Minister.
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