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hi2u QGL
Brisbane, Queensland
12356 posts
Hey gang,

It has been a few years. There was a pandemic and all that. Don't hear about that too much now, do we?

Currently I am playing old games. I just had a run through the original Diablo, which is on GOG in case you feel like a bash. Although, I do see there are some other Diablo games around now... I am playing Diablo II properly for the first time and just took out Blood Raven. I played a lot of D3 when it came out.

This weekend I started watching Season 15 of the ASL, Korean StarCraft, from AfreecaTV this year on YouTube. Big fan of Tastosis here. StarCraft: Remastered has been my go-to game for years and I love getting schooled by random Asian people in PC bangs.

I guess I am just feeling nostalgic. Playing old games and all that. Looking to get a new gaming PC and laptop next year.

How have you been? What have I missed? I didn't even e-leave!

01:08am 06/08/23 Permalink
01:08am 06/08/23 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
41628 posts
Don't hear about that too much now, do we?,

praise be to science and vaccinations!

i have been playing all the resident evil remakes, they have been absolutely OUTSTANDING.

currently playing remake of last of us after watching the quite excellent tv show.
06:22am 07/08/23 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6655 posts
I've got back into Counter-Strike and been playing CSGO. Also still play AOE2
10:47am 09/08/23 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2297 posts
Phwoar its dais :D
Long time no see, hope you're well.
09:53pm 11/08/23 Permalink
Ballarat, Victoria
4526 posts
i’ve just past level 188 in Rocket League, mostly unranked
12:02am 12/08/23 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12357 posts
Phwoar its dais :D
Long time no see, hope you're well.

Sup d00d!

I am pretty well, yes. Riding the 21st Century techno waves brother. Hope you're well too old buddy.
11:26pm 15/08/23 Permalink
AusGamers Editor
14898 posts
I moved to the literal remote desert because apparently there is a council out here 🤷 playing Zelda at the moment, while juggling BG3, Hogwarts, Cyberpunk and trying to actually finish Witcher 3 for once.
11:24pm 04/09/23 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1159 posts
Hi dais

Another name from the past haha

I'm not playing anything really ATM mainly because 1) no time and 2) my gfx card is GTX 560 ti... haha

Anyone got a spare gfx card for sale cheap? 🤣
03:02pm 17/09/23 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
17277 posts
Anyone got a spare gfx card for sale cheap? 🤣

I might have a 6700xt to flog
06:45pm 21/09/23 Permalink
06:45pm 21/09/23 Permalink
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