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Games come and games go. To be an IP of stature in the crowded gaming industry is a feat unto itself. But few IP carry the weight and gravity of anything with the name "Zelda" attached. So what does the latest foray into that world spell for the greater world of gaming? Ummm... lots of work and school sickies, we reckon.

Here's a snippet:
In one shrine, you learn how to use Zonai fire hydrants, just like the ones from every great New York-based hip hop video clip you’ve ever watched, especially those from the 90s. In these shrines, you use the hydrants on lava; leave them spraying endless water long enough and the magma cools to make an igneous rock shelf. So you first make a bridge of igneous to cross the initial part of the shrine’s challenge, which is to get over a large bed of liquid hot magma. But then the one pesky chest… that one that’s in every shrine, it eyes you off from up on high, teasing like. In shrines you can’t climb *most* surfaces. The chests -- which usually only feature Zonai Evereadys, Arrows, rare minerals or other such consumables -- tend to represent an additional layer to a shrine’s challenge; each of which is used as *somewhat* of an abilities tutorial.

In this instance, in order to get up to the seemingly unreachable chest, I had to manufacture multiple igneous rock shelfs, pile them up using Ultrahand, make an adhoc set of steps, and claim my reward. And the game is full of this level of player-driven manipulation of its myriad systems; layered beyond the sort of depth anyone can possibly know at this point in time, if Breath of the Wild’s longevity is anything to go by...
Click here for our full Tears of the Kingdom review.
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