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Steve Farrelly
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In a continuation of both ego and nostalgia, we managed to drum up scans of our original Metroid Prime reviews from back in our print gaming magazine days. Specifically for Nintendo Gamer and the seminal Hyper magazines. This is a great little look at how things used to be done and a nice trip down memory lane.

It's almost impossible to describe why this game works on so many levels...
The above is a snippet from Kosta's review of the game in Hyper. Both reviews span multiple pages and lead all the chatter in the office at the time.

It was nice back in the day having long lead times and working with art directors on layouts and also planning the magazines. Of course, we did things our own way and spent a lot of time just playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater until we had to crunch the mag, but as we were closing in on the end of Nintendo Gamer's run and my tenure as its editor, this actual issue had a lot of content.

We really hit our straps right when the publisher pulled the pin on us. It was a real shame, but we're both still really proud of all the work from back then and we still have life-long friends from that office.

Check out the Metroid Prime magazine reviews here.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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I stopped buying Hyper a few years before this, thanks for sharing :)
09:00pm 17/02/23 Permalink
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I still have all my copies of Nintendo Gamer. Peak nostalgia for me
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South Australia
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Very cool, used to love my PC Powerplay subscription back in the day, more 90s I guess.
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