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Metroid Prime Remastered Review | Samus is the New Black
Steve Farrelly
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We live in an age of the notable remaster or re-release, but few have been so wanted, so demanded, so sought than Metroid Prime. And as a remaster of an absolute classic, we're here to tell you, right off the bat, this is as good as it gets -- this is why the Remaster model isn't broken and this is the reason you need a Switch.

Here's a snippet from our moment of deliberate overindulgence:
For mine the Remastered Prime is a new experience. The game’s revamped ‘modern’ FPS controls have reshaped the way I ever thought about and ultimately adopted playing the original. Forget Joy-Con waggle or trying to relive the GameCube controller setup, the dual-stick design of a modern FPS just makes Prime a joy to move through. I still lock-on and ‘L-Target’. I still use the revolutionary targeted strafe system, but exploring the world of Tallon IV never felt this good. And I loved the OG. So to feel this is an improvement more than 20 years on… well, that’s something special.

It’s also fast. If you’’ve been keeping up with anyone named Jones you’ll know that Prime offers up a solid 60fps, both docked and undocked, with visual outputs capped at 900p and 612p in equal respect. That might not seem so impressive in a burgeoning 8K world, but on Switch and docked, Prime is simply stunning. It’s a testament to the art-direction in the first place that it really holds its place; timeless and still flexing, but it still astounds me that it can look this this many years on. When you finally make it to the Phendrana Drifts you’ll know what I mean, though everything to and then beyond that point is still, honestly, the best in the business...
Click here for our Metroid Prime Remastered review.
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Great review. I too love this game so much but I’m waiting for the physical release. It will be a long couple of weeks, but we have waited this long after the years of rumours, so I can wait a few more. Its a perfect game.

Steve, I for one would love to read your essay on the games’ design.
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