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Steve Farrelly
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We don't cover a lot of mobile content here, largely because it's an ecosystem unto itself and we'd almost need double the staff. But every now and then something pops up where both the traditional gaming landscape and mobile gaming cross paths, and in today's case that's news that a reimagined for mobile version of the classic PC game Myst is headed to iOS.

It should be noted this is a port of a previously-released version of the game on Mac which just so happened to with the Mac App Store Game of the Year award in 2021, so it's no slouch and already has successful Apple ties.

Here's some official info:
Visit the intriguing Myst Island, stunning and mysterious in equal measure. As you slowly uncover what has happened to it and how you fit among the pieces of a riveting grander puzzle, you’ll navigate beautiful, long-dormant locations known as “Ages.” Explore the deeper connections at play, discover a story of family heartbreak, and make choices that will affect both you and this surrealistic world.

Game features
  • Experience a classic in a new format: Discover the gorgeous, haunting, and fantastical story that has captivated millions for decades past — and, through your choices, make it your own.
  • Full reimagination: This modern, definitive Myst experience is fully reimagined and optimised for M1 devices, and includes new art, sound, interactions, and even optional puzzle randomization. There are surprises waiting for you in Myst Island yet.
  • Free entry to Myst Island: For the first time in Cyan’s history, the entirety of Myst Island is accessible for free to explore, without a time limit.
  • Fit for mobile: Myst Mobile has playable gamepad, touch controls, keyboard and trackpad input from Smart & Magic Folio. The game is playable on all A12 bionic chip devices and above.
  • Next gen iOS optimisation: Myst’s astonishing visuals on devices supercharged by M2 chips, such as the latest iPad Pro, will rival the visual fidelity of console graphics.
If you wish to unlock the secrets of the Ages beyond Myst Island, there will be an in-app purchase of $14.99/£12.99. A special introductory discount is planned for launch.

“We wanted to do something special for Myst’s 30th anniversary,” said Jeff Lanctot, Marketing and Brand Manager at Cyan. “We can’t imagine a better time to make our game accessible to a whole new generation!”
More and more games and apps on mobile are now reverting back to a more palatable "one-time purchase" model which is likely going to endear experiences like this more to weary consumers too long enslaved to ongoing and ever-escalating "in-app purchases" with seemingly no end.

We don't have a full release date for this yet but it's out this year in celebration of Myst's 30th anniversary.

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When are you reviewing Colossal Cave?
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