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Steve Farrelly
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We've reached peak... something. It's hard to tell in this day and age, what with everything moving so fast and making little-to-no-sense. I mean what I used to call lads is now called eshays and apparently it's a very popular fashion and lifestyle, which is weird because I used to (and still do) do everything in my power to avoid them. What a time to be alive.

Where were we? Oh right, peak... something. Here's a new sim about fixing up dilapidated sports facilities.

No, really.

Give sports facilities a second life in this relaxing first-person simulator! Restore the glory of old gyms, courts and pitches as you try to make enough money to save your hometown basketball court.

Restore the glory of sports in this relaxing renovator sim made by a team cofounded by Robert Lewandowski!

How do you save your beloved team’s court from being torn down by a real estate developer? You do what you do best – renovate dilapidated sports facilities to collect the money you need to help out.

Restore gyms, courts, pools and pitches to their former glory, upgrade your tools and expand your headquarters. Collect trophies and mementoes during your renovation missions and display them proudly in a special room for everyone to see.
It's not absurd to consider the many, many ways in which the sim gaming world can forever surprise us, but for mine I feel this one is pretty unique. And with continued press release items like:
Your hometown basketball court is in danger. The shining star of your youth where you watched fantastic matches played by your favourite team. It’s a place where many young talents started their careers. It’s a home of many fond memories, now covered in cobwebs and dust.

The court is deteriorating rapidly. A big developer is only waiting to get his grubby hands on the place, tear it down and build a new shopping mall instead. It’s your job to save it! But to do it, you need money.
this one feels hard to just chalk up as "oh those whacky sim cats are at it again". The irony of the 'pull' here is that Sports: Renovations is also being billed as a "relaxing renovator sim", but I couldn't think of anything less relaxing than having to turn around a failed or failing business to thwart evil corporations from buying it up and presumably making a parking lot (I've seen a lot of 80s movies).

That this is real and that these games keep one-upping in this way really does blow my mind, but hey, it seems to work for a lot of people.

Here's more of what you can expect from Sports: Renovations:
  • Play in two game modes! Thwart the plans of a developer who wants to tear down your beloved basketball club in Campaign mode. Later, replay levels to renovate old facilities in different styles in the Free Play mode.
  • Buy new tools and upgrade the equipment you already own.
  • Earn money for your renovation jobs and use it to expand your own base of operations – unlock additional perks and side missions.
  • Buy cosmetic items you can place around your office.
  • Trophy room where the player sees various memorabilia collected during renovation missions.
There's no official release date other than "2023" yet, but you can Wishlist the game now on Steam.

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What the actual....gotta lol at the Lewandowski endorsement too.
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